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10 Luxury Property Features That Appeal To Modern Buyers

Luxury homes are more than those designed solely with wealth and decadence, they are properties that are on trend (or even ahead of it) and with exceptional functionality, making it effortless to spend time within their living spaces. 

To create such an experience within a property, luxurious homes have a number of features and employ certain aesthetics. Homeowners can learn from these trends, choosing features and styles based upon their favourite examples, and then begin adding them to their own properties, which is especially appealing to buyers on the housing market.


A portmanteau of spa and bathroom, the spathroom is a decadent washroom space that is designed for more than the utility of cleanliness and instead seeks to promote serenity and wellness with indulgent features, such as a jacuzzi and walk-in shower.

Underfloor Wine Cellar

Instead of dedicating an entire basement to wine, especially since a great number of homes have no floor below ground, homeowners can simply build a compact wine cellar into their home’s floor. These decadent features are clear topped too, meaning that you can show off your collection and taste effortlessly.


Instead of competing for the largest and highest-quality television, luxurious homes are focussing on projectors. Having a home cinema set-up that makes use of a project is not only a more entertaining experience than simply switching on the television but it’s like having a cinema in your own home.


Having an entire room in your garden, one that can offer a luxurious escape into nature during both winter and summer is one of the most appealing features a modern home can have, which is that there are growing numbers of residents who want to buy log cabins.

Robot Mowers

While many homes are already equipped with their own robot vacuum cleaners, some have their own robot mower. These discreet assistants are solar-powered, self-charging, and keep your garden tidy.

Secret Rooms

Keeping a discreet room hidden from view, where a compact reading nook or a private bar, is an increasingly popular luxury. So, if you have the space to work with, consider adding a little mystery to your home.

Smart Security

Being able to see who is at your door, as well as monitor your home, even when you are miles away is a great luxury. And, as smart security features develop, they become more discreet and affordable too.

Home Office

With a rising number of remote workers, the option and ability to dedicate an entire room to professional pursuits is an evermore appealing home asset, especially if it is a standalone room that allows residents to keep their work life and personal life entirely separated.

Workout Space

There’s also the growing demand for dedicated workout spaces and yoga studios with a home too, with a home workout and wellness facilities in growing demand.

Modern Toilets

A modern toilet goes beyond functionality and ushers homeowners into a new age of luxury. Taking inspiration from the infamous features of Japanese bathrooms, modern toilets are surprisingly smart and exceptionally comfortable.

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