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Furniture has been around for a long time. The whole concept of furniture dates back to 3100-2500 B.C. The furniture in earlier times was made up of stone. The Neolithic society displayed artwork carved out of stone. With time, the concept of furniture has changed. After a few years, humans started using wood for furniture, such as tables and chairs. Nowadays, furniture is used not only for practical purposes but also to increase its aesthetic appeal. A chair itself has so many variations, such as an office chair, a sofa, a recliner, and much more.

With human evolution, furniture has become an inevitable part and has evolved simultaneously. Fortunately, nowadays, there are numerous stores and brands that sell furniture online. This makes shopping for furniture an easy task. The furniture industry has left no stone unturned to improve customers’ shopping experience and gain their trust. Online furniture sales have achieved new heights, thanks to online stores.

Growth of Online Furniture Market

COVID-19 affected the furniture market in a good way. Various studies and statistics reveal that sales dramatically increased as the lockdown opened. According to Statista, India’s online furniture market capital will increase by 400 million U.S. Dollars by 2026. This can be accounted for two major reasons:

  • Increased digitalization due to working from home.
  • ‘Feel good’ factor in countering anxiety and panic regarding COVID-19.

Demand for home office furniture such as study-table, office tables, and other products increased, and they sold like hot cakes. According to analysts, the online furniture Industry in India in 2026 will be valued at around 40 million U.S. Dollars.

Criteria For A Good Online Store

Customers are the backbone of a successful business- both offline and online. Thus, customer satisfaction is of utmost importance. Here are a few criteria that must be fulfilled in order to gain customer’s trust:

  • Product Description: It is very important to provide information to the customer regarding the product. This includes dimensions, durability, the material of construction, maintenance instructions, and much more.
  • Communication: The Company must have the facilities for two-way communication. It is important as the customer might have doubts regarding the product, and they can be cleared via communication.
  • Warranty: Buying is one thing, but an attractive warranty provides a sense of satisfaction to the customer.
  • FAQs: Add an FAQ section to the website. FAQs are very helpful as they provide answers to common queries that customers have.
  • Reviews: Maintaining good reviews is a must. Reviews are responsible for the first impression of the company. Bad reviews should be looked into because constant bad reviews can reflect a bad image.
  • Return Policy: Having a clear and concise return policy helps customers develop a sense of security.

Top 4 Online Furniture Stores Today

The main question among the customers is what the best online furniture stores in India are. Well, here we present you with 4 best online furniture stores in India:

  • Pepperfry

Started in 2011, Pepperfry has been India’s leading and most famous online furniture store. Its headquarters is located in Mumbai, and it delivers furniture to various cities in the country. They provide a wide range of furniture including sofa, beds, desks, tables and much more.

It has physical stores in various cities like Delhi, Pune, Pathankot, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Chandigarh, and many others. Recently, they also started rental services in a few cities. Pepperfry allows customers to rent furniture of their choice, for which they charge monthly. Customers do not have to pay any deposits whatsoever to avail of this service.

  • Urban Ladder

Headquartered in Bangalore, this company was started by Rajiv Srivatsa and Ashish Goel in 2012. Considered one of the leading furniture stores in India, it provides a huge variety of home décor and furniture such as dining tables, study tables, living room furniture, and several others. Presently, it has 3 stores in Bangalore and delivery facilities in over 80 cities in India.

Urban Ladder has started sofa trials which allow the customers to test out the sofa within their home for a specific interval.

  • HomeTown

Part of the Future group, HomeTown bears the tagline, “The Art of Better Living.” With its refined and sophisticated home décor and furniture, it sure uplifts the aesthetic appeal of one’s living. Their products include beds, wardrobes, bookshelves, and even cabinets for sale online. They also provide exciting packages such as bedroom packages, living and dining packages, and full home packages. They have won a few noticeable awards for their excellent service in the online furniture industry.

HomeTown provides customization with free delivery and installation. They provide exchange offers and free service camps as well. HomeTown also helps customers with interior designing, including modular kitchens, home furnishings, and much more.

  • IKEA

IKEA is a global furniture company that needs no introduction. This Sweden-based company recently started its operation in India. It has physical stores in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, and Mumbai.

IKEA provides affordable yet reliable furniture. Customers can expect furniture sale from IKEA, both online and in physical stores. One can browse through thousands of products listed on IKEA’s online website. Their products are Lab tested, which ensures reliability and customer satisfaction.

Things to Understand Before Shopping Furniture Online

This sums up the list of 4 best online furniture stores in India. Furniture is permanent, and a wrong choice or a defective product may result in an expensive investment. You, as a customer, should consider a few things while buying furniture online.

  • Always know your measurements: Nothing feels worse than buying a furniture item only to realize that it won’t fit in your desired space. Always measure the room dimensions and even door height and width to ensure that the furniture can be placed in that room.
  • Research is Important: Don’t just search for furniture on one website. Visit different websites. This provides you with a wide range of products to choose from. You may also get a better deal on a different website for the same product.
  • Know what you want: Don’t just browse aimlessly through online stores. Make sure you have a basic idea of what you want. No matter how good the furniture looks, it won’t be appreciated if it doesn’t compliment the aura of the room.

One can buy furniture on sale as it is cost efficient as online stores provide customers with attractive sale offers and packages. We hope this blog will help you buy your desired furniture via online stores across India.

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