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5 Reasons to Choose Concrete Cladding for Your Next Construction Project

Ideal for use in a range of industries and wholly customizable, precast concrete cladding has many benefits, including being more energy efficient than other commonly used materials, better looking, and more durable.

If you’ve never considered using concrete cladding or would like to know more about this diverse and affordable material, here are 5 reasons to use it for your next construction project:

1. It’s more energy-efficient.

Made with materials that can be sourced from just about anywhere, precast concrete wall panels make the entire process more efficient since no transportation routes are required to bring materials and parts together. Not only that, but precast plants only supply those within the locality, further reducing any potential delays involving deliveries and logistics.

Waste is also reduced, thanks to the precise techniques involved with the creation of precast concrete, and with most of the precast structure already complete, once on site, assembly work can get underway immediately, and fewer trades are needed to assist.

Lastly, buildings constructed using precast concrete cladding are more sustainable in and of themselves, thanks to the density of the walls, which are better able to both absorb and store heat that goes on to be released at night.

2. It’s of a higher quality.

Because precast concrete cladding is made in an environment in which everything is controlled and every member of the assembly line has specialist knowledge, the errors and delays to timelines typically experienced on a construction site are eliminated, and the quality of the end product is far higher.

3. It looks better.

When specialists prepare precast concrete cladding for their customers, they can make sure that it looks exactly as the customer wants it to, whether it will be a new building surrounded by older ones or an addition to an existing structure. This is done by combining cement, pigments, and various aggregates to create a specific texture or colour for the panels.

With limitless options when it comes to design, precast concrete cladding will look aesthetically pleasing, wherever it is.

4. It’s stronger and longer-lasting.

With a lower ratio of water to cement, precast concrete is an extremely durable material for use in construction projects. It also demonstrates remarkable resilience to natural disasters such as earthquakes, extreme weather conditions, and fire; for some companies in certain locations, this could prove an important and highly reassuring factor.

5. It costs less.

With transportation costs and site logistics costing noticeably less than if you were to construct something using regular concrete on site, precast concrete wall panels can significantly lower the cost of a project.

Additionally, if you choose precast concrete insulated cladding, you’ll be able to control the buildings’ interior temperature far more easily, saving you money on monthly energy bills and the cost of running HVAC systems in the long term.

If you want to experience all the many benefits of concrete wall panels, it’s best to reach out to the company making them as early in the production process as possible. That way, you’ll be able to talk to them about the design you want and which wall type would best suit your budget and your schedule, among other things.

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