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5 rules for successful home renovation

Close your eyes and imagine the moment – you pull out your keys, open the door and get into your dream home for the first time! What do you feel? A pleasant excitement envelops you. You imagine how, very soon, you will move here, and that this is where your life will be even better, and you will be even happier. Isn’t this what you dreamed of?

Today we want to share some rules for successful home renovation. We will tell you how to make it go without unnecessary hassle and did not spoil the joyful mood after the purchase of the home.

Rule One: Planning.

Yes, yes, this aspect should be in the first place for everyone. No matter how beautiful and successful the selection of materials and colors were, how neat and high quality was the repair itself, you should think about planning at the first stage!

It is very important to make a drawing to scale with all the dimensions to anticipate where and how the doors will open, what size will be the couch, where will be all the equipment, to take into account the passages between the furniture and the walls, so not to squeeze through barrels, etc. We recommend ordering a professional sketch planner. It is fast, inexpensive, but will avoid many errors. A professional designer knows all the rules of ergonomics, will be able to suggest solutions that you would not even think about, to think about enough storage space and other things.

Rule Two: electrical wiring.

The second rule flows smoothly from the first and is very important. With a ready-made layout, it will be easier for you to think about the location of outlets and switches. If you have sufficient knowledge in this area, you will probably be able to do it yourself, if not – again, it is better to ask a professional. Designer will indicate in the plans the necessary number of outlets, will sign where and at what height to place them, will calculate the required number of lamps, as well as will think of different lighting scenarios.

Rule Three: A quality builder.

Of course, you need a good professional home renovation builder for quality work. It is better if you can find a builder by recommendation, but even if you managed to do it, and you find a lot of positive feedback from your friends, always ask to see the completed home renovations, read the reviews so you can see the quality of work with your own eyes. Be sure to sign a contract with clear timelines and do not be greedy. Choosing a team with a price 1.5-2 times cheaper than others, be prepared for the proportional quality. And many of the shoals in their work you will notice immediately, most often they surface over time and bring disappointment.

Rule Four: Design.

This is where we mention the role of the draftsman in a successful home renovation. First, the draftsman has experience and knowledge in this area. He will be able to choose the right color combinations and match materials. The draftsman will take into account many technical points. A huge plus is that you’ll have a clear picture of the future interior, rather than a vague idea and endlessly hanging in your head the question – “how to put it all together? And most importantly – it’s a complete project with all the drawings and calculations. Because of this, the builder will be able to make a clear plan of work, will not ask you every day what to do and how to do it, and! You will be able to control the process.

Rule Five: Be in a good mood.

Always enter your future home with a smile! This is your future home, it must have a positive energy! And even if during the process something did not go according to plan, there were some difficulties, after all it’s still a repair, without them there is no such thing 🙂 Take a deep breath-exit, count to five, imagine a happy picture of the future and the solution will come by itself.  Compliance with the first four rules will reduce the negative moments to a minimum.

That’s it!

We wish your home renovation went as smoothly as possible and your dream home became a reality!

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