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5 Themes to Transform Your Kids Room

Striking a balance between a room that your kid loves, and having a room which fits your house can be very tricky. As well as the room being fun to play in, it also needs to be calm to sleep in and be cohesive with the interior design of the rest of the house. Without cohesion, it will stick out and become a problem space which is not ideal for child nor parent.

With this in mind, picking a theme can help you match the decor in your home and find colour that complement your interior design style. Here are 5 theme ideas and how they can fit into your existing interior style.


A classic children’s theme, jungle and safari animals are great for development of not only recognising different animals, but also the skills involved in doing so. These include shape recognition, as well as differentiating the subject from the backdrop which is challenging with camouflaged safari animals. 

We have started this room theme with a cute jungle wallpaper from WallpaperMural. Their murals are eco-friendly and non-toxic so they are safe to use around kids (even the peel & stick).

We picked the ‘Safari’ mural pictured below, which features some incredible pen detail on the illustrated jungle animals. The colours are bright but not too in your face, and on a wall they will flatten compared to a screen. Pairing this with a dark, neutral-ish green will let the mural stand out whilst giving the rest of the room a more relaxed feeling. The idea behind this is to culture the exciting playroom background whilst being able to relax and breathe around the neutral colours.

Safari wallpaper mural by WallpaperMural


Another popular children’s theme is dinosaurs. Not only do you teach the same recognition skills in the early years, the history and environmental implications can be great for education past this stage.

We found a lovely collection of wallpaper, you can see the dino collection here which will be the basis of the room design. There is a huge variety of wallpaper in this collection, so any colour schemes can be used, but most importantly with the dino vibe is filling the room with woods and other sustainable materials. The lessons that kids can learn from dinosaur extinction is one of looking after our planet, so look for cork, wooden and recycled items to compliment.


It may seem a rogue choice, however there is an important reason for this selection. Flamingoes live in the salt marshes, and are typically pictured standing on one leg in water. The water coupled with the sandy surroundings is often the makings of a perfect colour palette for relaxing and sleeping. Sandy nude tones with a light blue leave your child serene and relaxed, then a pink flamingo adds a focal point. 

We used this awesome flamingo scene from WallpaperMural.


Another certified classic, and again aiming into the animal realm, woodland themes are great for your child. Using the animals as an aid to imagination, but keeping the natural colours for relaxation, woodland creatures can be the perfect blend. If your room is light enough, you can pair a fantastic woodland scene with a dark blue ceiling full of painted stars, or star stickers to create the ultimate duality. You can check out the magical woodland scenes here.

The overriding advice for making a kids bedroom in-keeping with the decor of your house is to pick animals which complement your colour scheme elsewhere, and pare back the tones used in these scenes. Don’t go too cartoon-bright, and pull back any brights with less-saturated paints. Reference the bright colours with more neutral tones of the same colour to match the rest!

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