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5 Ways To Clean Eyeliner From Carpet

Mistakes happen when you’re rushing to do your makeup and some of them can be costly. Eyeliner stains are among the most difficult to remove, particularly if they become matted in the carpet fibres. The secret to getting eyeliner out of carpet is to use the proper cleaning agent. Due to the differences in composition between carpets and makeup, this may require numerous trials. Eyeliner stains should be removed as soon as possible for the maximum chance of success; however, you should be ready to try several different cleaning methods until you find one that truly works.

Methods to clean up eyeliner stains

Dry cleaning solution

A dry-cleaning solvent can be used if all else fails. Use these solvents carefully because they can damage carpet backings if they seep through the carpet. Instead of pouring the solvent directly onto the stain, you can dab a small amount of the solution onto a rag and blot it onto the carpet. Once the solvent and stain have been eliminated, press a clean, dry cloth into the carpet to clean up any residue. It’s advisable to call a professional carpet cleaning business about removing the stain than risk ruining the carpet, even though it’s much more effective and economical to do so yourself.


Eyeliner may be removed from the carpet using ammonia as a cleaning. Mix 1 tablespoon of ammonia with half a cup of warm water. Dip a white cleaning towel into the solution. Use the cloth to completely blot the eyeliner stain. Keep rinsing the towel and blotting the affected area till the stain disappears. To be sure the cleaning solution won’t saturate the carpet or damage it, always test it in a hidden location first.

Dishwashing soap

In a spray bottle, combine dishwashing soap and warm water. Shake thoroughly. Use a washcloth, paper towel, or sponge to blot the soapy mixture into the stain. Avoid rubbing it since doing so could make the eyeliner stain bigger or cause it to sink deeper into the carpet’s fibres. To clean and rinse off the stained area, spray water on it. After doing this enough times to remove all of the soap from the carpet, let it air dry.

Carpet cleaner

You can also clean up eyeliner stains using a carpet cleaner. Find one that can remove stains, and read the packaging to determine what it is intended for. Once you have selected an appropriate cleaner according to your needs, you must use it according to the directions on the bottle. To ensure the cleaner is safe to use, it is also a good idea to perform a test patch. Rinse the area after the stain has been removed, then allow it to dry.

Makeup remover

Try makeup remover on the stain as it is made especially to get rid of makeup. You have two options for removing makeup: wipes or the liquid that you can pour onto a fresh, white towel. Rubbing may cause the stain to spread, so dab at the stain instead. To remove the liquid off the carpet once more, use a second, dry towel. As long as you can see part of the stain lifting onto the dry towel as you blot, keep doing this.

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