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8 Creative Ideas For Covering Your Windows

Many people try to avoid having window treatments at all costs. They simply find their windows more beautiful without any type of window treatment. Or, the view is too beautiful to cover it up. However, you can still get the view, and have window treatments. Moreover, you can be creative and find the custom window shades chicago il to make your home look polished and warm.

Try a bold curtain

If you’re more creative and love to follow interior design trends, but you always like to give it a unique touch, go bold. Before making your final decision, you must consider the room’s purpose. If the room is meant to be bright and has lots of natural light, don’t darken it with bold curtains. Instead, focus on the room, which could use a bit of light dimming, so go with bold curtains. Let’s say that you want to install blackout curtains in your bedroom. You can make this choice and transform it into a bold one by choosing a bold colour. This pop of colour can quickly become a focal point of the room. So adjust other elements to fit seamlessly into your decor.

 Go sheer

Sheer curtains are everything – beautiful, modern, and versatile. They enable your privacy while allowing lots of natural light to flood the room. Especially if you’re one of those people who is team “no window treatment”. Sheer curtains are the most suitable solution. Some people don’t like the idea of having any window treatment. However, that’s not always advisable because you won’t have any privacy. Sheer curtains will cover your windows, but you won’t feel like you’ve completely covered them. You can always open them up and close them in the evening when you want to maintain privacy. 

Layer them up!

You can layer different window treatments to create a cozy atmosphere in your home. If you want to combine several styles, you can layer them. You’ll combine their benefits by choosing two different types of window treatments. For example, you can have both sheer curtains and blackout curtains. Sheer can serve their purpose during the day. They will let the natural light in and maintain your privacy. Your home will feel warm, stylish and inviting. At the same time, blackout curtains can be used at night when you want complete privacy or to block the light. 

Consider roller blinds

If you want excellent shade, privacy, and sophistication, look for roller blinds. They are often used as an alternative to traditional curtains. So, if you’re looking for something modern, roller blinds are meant for you. They are also easy to maintain. People often fear that might not be the case because they think roller blinds are the same as Venetian ones.  You can choose the fabric, style and direction to roll them up or down. They are also used as a block-out option, as they can be nicely layered with other window treatments. 

…and roman blinds

Roman blinds offer elegance to any room. If classic and stylish is how you’d explain your living room style, Roman blinds can adhere to that. These window treatments are also versatile. You can have them in different fabrics, colors, textures and patterns. They can also serve two purposes – elegant window dressing and blackout window treatment. Roman blinds can be lined with a piece of blackout fabric, so they can also completely darken the room. 

Custom window tretaments

When you need a custom solution that’s not ready-made, go for custom window treatments. There are many reasons why people choose a custom design. It can be their preference or necessity, as they might have unusually sized windows or a way to give their home a tailored look.

You may have a specific taste, so anything ready-made is not something you would like to fit into your home. Custom-made solutions are perfect as you can get the fabric you want, the type of window treatments, the color and specific dimensions.

From curtains to roller blinds, roman blinds, everything can be custom-made. You just need to find the right manufacturer who can provide design services, and together, you’ll come up with perfect custom window treatments. Storefront window graphics are an eye-catching and effective way to showcase your brand and attract customers to your business

Motorized window treatments for a modern home

Imagine the following situation – it’s the weekend, and you want to stay longer in bed. You’re not in any rush so that you can sleep in. The windows treatments are open, and the sun is slightly bothering you. So, you just reach for the remote control and close the motorized blinds with one click on the button. If you see yourself doing this, it’s your sign to look into motorized window treatments.

Apart from this perfect scenario, they are more than just easy to use. Sometimes, they are the only solution for hard-to-reach windows or large windows. They are also a more luxurious option, so people looking to modernize their home and turn it into a smart home can consider motorized window treatments. 

Cellular blinds

Cellular blinds are perfect for minimalist style. Especially if you’re into Scandinavian interior design, and lighter shades, cellular blinds will fit in seamlessly. Experts also recommend them as an energy-efficient solution. If you live in a warmer climate, like Australia, cellular blinds will keep the heat at bay while preserving the temperature during the colder months. Especially today, not making energy-efficient decisions for your home can burn a hole in your pocket.

Look into cellular blinds if you need a practical solution for insulating your home. These can also be automated so that you can have a modernized solution that is also stylish. 

If you need to find creative ideas for your home, we’ve given you eight ideas to cover your windows. Each of these will beautify your home and give it that polished look. The purpose of window treatments is also to give any room that final touch. Especially if you take your time to see how each one looks, you’ll have no trouble choosing the right one for your home. So, research and visit several showrooms, so you’ll know you’re making the right decision for your home.

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