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8 Things You Should Always Have in Your Emergency Plumbing Kit

Always leave serious plumbing problems to the experts.  But what do you do while you’re waiting if you come upon an issue that has to be fixed right away?  Yes, a plumber is on the way, but that doesn’t mean you can just wait around after calling them to fix the issue.  You’re dealing with a fairly big problem if a pipe bursts or your septic system backs up, after all!

In order to at least try to limit any damage or mess while you wait for a professional to come, every homeowner should have a basic plumbing emergency kit on hand.  An overflowing toilet or any other plumbing disaster may happen to anybody at any moment, regardless of how old or modern your plumbing may be.  So be ready and do your house and yourself a favour.  Here are a few items that should definitely be in your emergency supply kit:

Keep a bucket beneath your sink at all times. A 5 gallon bucket works well for this.  Any drips or leaks from your pipes that you may not be aware of can be caught in this bucket.  If a plumbing emergency arises, such as your toilet overflowing, having a five-gallon bucket nearby is also helpful for mopping up spills.

Gloves – Plumbing work is often filthy.  Fortunately, rubber or disposable gloves make clearing a blocked sink or toilet much simpler.

Rags – A leak or a spill is the main cause of plumbing difficulties.  So be sure to include some rags in your emergency supply box so you can simply and quickly wipe up any spills.

Flashlight – The majority of your plumbing will likely be located in a dark area, so have a flashlight or headlamp nearby.  This will make it simpler for you to see the job you’re making.

Plunger: In your house, a plunger has to be placed next to each toilet.  Additionally, keep in mind that your kitchen sink may also need a second, smaller plunger in case that happens.

Allen keys are quite useful when you need to take knobs or faucets off of things.  Allen screws are often used to secure plumbing fittings, thus keeping Allen keys on hand is essential.

Adjustable Wrench – Among many other things, you’ll need this tool while working on compression fittings, supply lines, and loose nuts.

Duct tape is an excellent short-term solution for a minor leak.  Duct tape will stop a leak until a professional comes if you are unable to repair it yourself and you can’t call a plumber straight away.

Additionally, you may utilise the equipment in your package to self-diagnose and resolve minor plumbing issues like a blocked drain or tiny leak.  However, to stop additional harm to your property, contact a professional if you believe you have a problem that you can’t manage or just don’t feel confident enough to handle.  And under no circumstances should you undertake any potentially hazardous repairs yourself.

Anytime you have a plumbing issue, day or night, give our emergency plumbing service in Purified Plumbing Hornsby professionals a call.  A member of our staff will arrive immediately to restore your home’s functional safety.

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