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A Guide to Best West-Facing And East-Facing House Colour According To Vastu

In Vastu Shastra, the choice of colours for your house is assumed to steer power glide. As per Vastu, opt for earthy tones like beige or mild yellow for a west-facing house colour to enhance stability and prosperity. In comparison, East-facing houses use cool sunshades like mild blue or green, promoting tremendous strength and boom. Choosing Vastu-compliant colours aligns with the ideas of concord and stability, fostering a welcoming and auspicious environment in your living area. Read this article on the best west-facing and east-facing house colours according to Vastu.

Suitable Colours for an East-Facing Home

As per Vastu, the facing house colour must have a balanced colour scheme. An east-facing house colour, as per Vastu should appear sparkling. Light blue and mild grey are perfect for east-facing properties. Light purple and white are also appropriate due to the fact they showcase a quantity of freshness.

Ideal Residents of East-Facing Homes

Vastu Shastra determines that government officers, politicians, and marketers are perfect for east-going through homes. Since the east aspect is ruled by means of the solar god, the path may be related to energy, elegance, and authority.

The east face indicates air, creativity, focus, agility, and new beginnings. Therefore, artists, designers, photographers, writers, musicians, and dancers additionally benefit from staying in east-facing houses.

People with the Dhanus and Simha Rashi ought to also look for an east-facing with house Vastu plan. Individuals from the Mesha Rashi also benefit from residences facing the east.

Suitable Colours for a West-Facing Property

West-facing house colour as per vastu should utilise light but lively colours for the walls. White, yellow, and silver are the maximum suitable for homes going through the west corner. Neutral colours are also quite auspicious and no longer create Vastu dosh inside a west-going home.

Vastu Benefits of a West-Facing Home

A west-going-through property is ideal for getting the warm temperature and glow of the placing solar. West-going through residence Vastu benefits encompass extra prosperity and wealth for the humans dwelling in it. Individuals staying in a home facing the west aspect also don’t have any foes and are immensely famous at work and in social gatherings.

Business proprietors, political leaders, and religious leaders are more likely to discover success on a property going through the West. People concerned with the coaching also can benefit from staying in west-facing homes. Individuals living in a west-facing home are likely to locate jobs that provide them pleasure in preference to a superior function or designation. The Kumbha Rashi people are great for properties facing the west route. Anyone with Tula or Mithuna Rashi can also find fulfilment in homes facing the West.


In Vastu, choose earthy tones like yellow or light brown to decorate stability and prosperity for a west-going through the house. For an east-facing residence, use cool and light sunglasses, which include white or light blue, to sell effective electricity flow and energy. Both directions benefit from fending off darkish colours.

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