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AC Maintenance: Taking Care To Keep Cool

As it begins to heat up, it is time to replace your heater with an air conditioner. Texas will get very hot very rapidly, and you should be prepared for heat waves. You most likely already have a solid air conditioner installed, but maintaining it involves more work on your part.

Air conditioners may last for many years if properly maintained. Fortunately, the procedures to follow are straightforward, with many of them basic enough to be completed by hand. Keep the following tips in mind to guarantee that your unit will keep you pleased all season. However, if a problem becomes too large, get an HVAC expert from Triple A Air Conditioning & Heating to help you out.


Air conditioners perform a variety of functions. One of these functions is to improve airflow by sucking up dust, allergens, and other airborne particles. They do this by using filters, which may get clogged with time. When this occurs, your air conditioner will either not function properly or may overwork itself. To prevent this, ensure that the filters are cleaned and replaced monthly.

Depending on the kind of filter, soap and water may be sufficient to clean it. Certain filters, however, are not water-resistant and must be replaced. Please remove the disposable filter and tap it lightly to remove any loose particles. The filter should then be rinsed with lukewarm water and cleaned with a soft-bristled brush. After thoroughly cleaning the filters, allow them to air dry.

Clean Your AC Equiptment

Obstacles may harm the outside of your air conditioner, including the filters. Leaves and twigs might clog the condenser coils and prevent the device from properly spreading heat. This is why it is vital to regularly inspect and clean the coils. Remove any dirt, dust, or other debris that has collected on the coils. To do this, you may use a brush or a soft-bristled vacuum cleaning attachment. Rinse the coils with water after cleaning them to remove any cleaners that may have remained.

Regular Exams

Hiring an HVAC expert to inspect your air conditioner if you believe it is in excellent operating order may be counterproductive. Nonetheless, it has the potential to save you money in the long term. When they visit to examine your system, they will look for damage in the wiring and complete the cleaning procedures listed above. If they detect any problems, they will solve them immediately so that no damage is done and your system has a longer lifetime.

Corpus Christi, TX residents do not have to search far for trustworthy aid. All they have to do is call Triple A Air Conditioning & Heating. Their personnel has been repairing and maintaining central air conditioners and window air conditioners since 1983.

In addition to the basic activities listed above, Triple A Air Conditioning & Heating may perform more sophisticated or dangerous treatments. Wire and electrical line tightening, refrigerant replenishment, and thermostat recalibration are some of the other AC services available.

Consider joining up for their membership program to save money, which enables you to enjoy regular service for less than $15 per month! When you have regular inspections and maintenance on all of your HVAC systems, you’ll soon discover that this investment was well worth it! You may also count on them for assistance if you need a replacement. They will replace your old one with a well-known one and give up to 10 years of warranty.

Keep in mind that your air conditioner’s purpose is to keep you comfortable. Allow Triple A Air Conditioning & Heating to clean and maintain it on a regular basis to show it some love!

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