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Avoiding Indoor Air Quality Issues During Roofing Projects

You should prepare for your roofing fort collins co, regardless of whether you have a flat or a sloped roof . You should plan the timing of your roof replacement as well as the materials you will use. Also, ensure that you take all precautions to keep the indoor air quality high. Remember that roofing projects can be messy and generate a lot of debris. These are some ways you can avoid indoor air quality problems (IAQ) during your roofing project. 

Are There Any Roofing Projects That Are Related to Poor IAQ?

A built-up roofing system is used for low slope hot tar roofs. It’s usually made on-site with layers of felts, hot-applied asphalt, or coal tar pitch. The main source of fumes is hot tar, which is heated on site in a kettle. Rubber roofs, also low-slope roofing systems, can also compromise your IAQ. This adhesive produces large amounts of volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) Proper planning, setup and advanced preparation are essential to minimize your exposure to asphalt fumes.

Tips to Avoid IAQ Problems

Scheduling and Planning

Proper planning is crucial whether you are replacing a flat roof , or a shingle roof . For example, schools should schedule roofing jobs when classes are not in session, or during holidays and summer breaks. Alternate scheduling, especially for industrial and commercial structures, is not always possible.

Open Communication

Successful projects are only possible if you communicate well with your contractor. You should inform the tenants of commercial buildings about your plans. Give everyone the opportunity to voice their concerns before construction starts. You should determine what precautions you must take to reduce chemical exposure to the occupants. Your roofing contractor should keep you informed about the progress of your project.

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