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Benefits and Drawback of Guaranteed Rent Scheme to the Landlords and the Tenants?

Guaranteed rent is a type of property management service where a landlord contracts with a management company or a third-party provider to receive a guaranteed fixed rental income for their property, regardless of whether the property is tenanted or not. The management company takes on the responsibility of finding and managing tenants, and the landlord is paid the agreed-upon rental income regularly.

A guaranteed rent scheme is an arrangement in which a landlord lets a property to a local authority, housing association, or private company, which in turn guarantees to pay the rent for a set period of time, regardless of whether the property is occupied or not. For more details click here!

The landlords and the tenants can both benefit from a guaranteed rent scheme in the following ways:

Benefits for Landlords

1.     Guaranteed income:

A guaranteed rent scheme provides landlords with the assurance of receiving a regular, fixed income from their property, without the need to worry about void periods or missed rent payments.

2.     Reduced risk

As the rent is guaranteed, landlords do not have to bear the risk of non-payment or arrears. This can be particularly beneficial for those who rely on their rental income as a main source of livelihood.

3.     Maintenance and management

In some cases, the local authority or the housing association may take on the responsibility of managing the property and carrying out any necessary repairs or maintenance, reducing the workload and stress for the landlord.

Drawbacks for Landlords

1.     Limited control over tenants

With a guaranteed rent scheme, the landlord may have less control over who occupies their property as the local council or private company may be responsible for finding and managing tenants.

2.     Limited flexibility

The landlord may be tied into a long-term contract, which could limit their ability to sell or use their property for other purposes.

3.     Potential for delayed payments

Although the scheme offers a guaranteed rental income, some landlords may experience delays in receiving payments from the local council or private company, which could affect their cash flow.

4.     Potentially lower rental income

The guaranteed rental income offered by the scheme may be lower than what the landlord could achieve on the open market, particularly in areas where demand for rental properties is high.

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Benefits for Tenants

1.     Stability

A guaranteed rent scheme can provide tenants with the stability of knowing that their rent will not increase during the period of the agreement, giving them greater security and peace of mind.

2.     Quality of accommodation

As the local authority or housing association is often responsible for managing the property, tenants may benefit from better quality accommodation and a higher standard of maintenance.

3.     Support and services

In some cases, the local authority or housing association may offer additional support and services to tenants, such as assistance with housing benefits, advice on budgeting, or access to social events or activities.

Drawbacks for Tenants

1.     Limited choice of properties

With the guaranteed rent scheme, the local council or private company may have a limited number of properties available to rent, which could reduce the choice of tenants.

2.     Limited control over tenancy

As with the landlord, the tenant may have limited control over the tenancy, as the local council or private company may be responsible for managing the property.

3.     Possible rent increases

The tenant may face rent increases if the local council or private company decides to adjust the rental income paid to the landlord.

4.     Possible displacement

The tenant may be displaced if the landlord decides to withdraw from the scheme, sell the property or use it for other purposes.

Overall, while the guaranteed rent scheme offers some benefits to both landlords and tenants, it also has some potential drawbacks that should be carefully considered before entering into the scheme.

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