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Choosing the Best Air Conditioner

Spring has officially arrived, which means it will soon be time to turn off the heat. Instead, you’ll need to figure out how to stay cool while the temperature rises. For many people, this means turning on the air conditioner. These gadgets deliver quick and cold air while improving your house’s air quality. Yet, with so many options available, how can you know which one to pick?

Here are some things to think about before installing a unit in your house. Yet, if you continue to be perplexed, you may consult with a Gresham Heating and Air Conditioning professional. They can assess your property and lifestyle before recommending the best AC installation in Gresham, OR.

Various Types of Air Conditioners

Many people use one of three types of air conditioners, each with its own set of advantages. The one you pick should be based on the size of your home and your own comfort requirements:

Portable Air Conditioners

These devices, as the name implies, may be moved from room to room, offering relief everywhere you go. Portable air conditioners are the smallest of the three and take up the least amount of space. This is an excellent option if you live in an apartment or want more control over the amount of cooling in your house.

Window-Sized ACs

Because they are both affordable and straightforward to install, these box-like appliances continue to be the most popular on the market. These are ideal for people who live in smaller houses or who require certain portions of their home to stay cool. The latest versions are even more energy efficient!

Central Air Conditioning Systems

Obtaining central air is the ideal option for individuals who want optimum cooling in their homes, especially if it is rather large. While central air is the most expensive of the three, it also gives the most respite to those who have it. Because there is a lot of ductwork that has to be installed and worked on, unlike portable and window units, you will need to bring in experts like Gresham Heating and Air Conditioning.

The Correct Size

You want a unit that is manageable since it will overheat and eventually break down, while one that is too large will save additional air. As a result, you’ll need to figure out how many BTUs your AC should have. BTUs, or British Thermal Units, are heat energy.

Calculate the square footage of the room to be cooled to get the number of BTUs required. Then, multiply the result by 20. The last number represents the BTUs. If you deal with a trustworthy expert, they will be able to offer you the correct solution more quickly if you are having difficulty with arithmetic.

SEER Score

SEER, which stands for “Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio,” is a measure of an air conditioner’s efficiency. The higher the SEER rating on your air conditioner, the more efficient the air conditioner. However, keep in mind that a higher SEER rating comes at a larger expense. So, how can you strike a happy medium? Consider your local climate, which in a state like Oregon may be rather variable. If you live in an area with long, hot summers, an air conditioner with a higher SEER rating will help you keep your energy costs under control. You can get away with a less expensive model if you live in a warmer area.

Selecting the Best Technician

Appropriate assistance may also make or break the air conditioner you purchase. You want to ensure that there is someone trustworthy who can assist you with any queries you may have or who can help you maintain your AC for many years to come. If that assistance is unavailable, you may have to settle for something that does not demand a lot of effort.

Gresham Heating & Air Conditioning, thankfully, is always there to help. They understand that each customer will have unique cooling requirements and will always be able to locate the appropriate unit for the job. To give you even more benefits with your AC, they will assist you in selecting one that will save you money on your utility bills. This makes sense, given that they collaborate with the Energy Trust of Oregon!

After installing your air conditioner, you may rely on them if the unit malfunctions. They’ll track down the source of your problems and have you back in your cool, comfortable home in no time! Putting your trust in them and their services puts you at no risk.

Even if temperatures are still ordinary right now, prepare ahead of time for any upcoming heat. Contact Gresham Heating and Air Conditioning directly for the best installation services available!

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