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Commercial Furnace Winterization and Maintenance

During the winter in Alabama, you never know what to expect. Some years might be relatively mild, while others can be quite cold. Nothing is more vital as a business owner than keeping your consumers comfortable during these trying times. You should probably turn on your furnace during the coldest months.

Furnaces, despite their importance, can only work correctly if they are properly maintained. In reality, several customers have reported that their appliances cease operating after the first cold spell. A variety of factors can cause this, but it is frequently avoidable by pre-heating your furnace. Whether you handle it yourself or hire Chad’s AC Direct for commercial HVAC in Dadeville, AL, and Montgomery, AL, the tips offered below will help you keep your staff and clients comfortable throughout the season.

Filter Replacement and Cleaning

Using a heater to generate warm air improves air quality by removing dust and debris. Filters are typically provided for this purpose. The filters may become clogged with dirt over time. Because the dirt blasted back into the air, the furnace may overwork to the point of failure and deliver insufficient heat.

Filter cleaning is simple and takes less than 30 minutes. The filter may be removed simply by opening the filter’s door. Replace them and double-check that they are securely linked. You may also clean your filters by lightly vacuuming or wiping them with a damp cloth. Check that the door is sealed correctly after changing the filters.

Examination of the Intake Pipe

The intake pipe, one of the most important sections of a furnace system, is critical in providing heat consistently and correctly during the winter. It is beneficial to move air into the furnace chamber in order for the furnace to produce heat as efficiently as feasible.

Because of its location, the intake pipe frequently becomes clogged with debris, such as leaves or dirt. A clogged pipe raises the possibility of a fire and hinders heating. Twigs and other larger debris are typically easy to remove, but hiring a company like Lambert Plumbing and Heating may result in a thorough cleaning of the pipes. Please notify them if you see any line cracks.

Temperature Controllers

Because you want to remain comfortable all winter, your first instinct may be to turn up the heat on your furnace. Regrettably, this will overburden the system and force up energy prices. While determining the optimal temperature, consider the size of the residence, the kind of building insulation, the windows, and other air infiltration sources.

You can lower your thermostat even further by weatherizing other parts of your home. Add weatherstripping to your doors and windows to prevent drafts. It would be ideal if you also cleaned out your gutters to reduce snow and ice buildup. Your water heater, like your furnace, should be kept at a steady temperature for optimal performance.

Get an Annual Exam

Aside from your own efforts, the best maintenance you can do for your furnace is to hire a competent HVAC professional to visit your home on a frequent basis. You’re a busy business owner, so hiring outside help will ensure the most precise and timely work possible.

Chad’s AC Direct delivers the same high-quality service to business and residential clients in Dadeville and Montgomery, AL. Its professionals can conduct all of the aforementioned duties, as well as more sensitive work such as dealing with the furnace’s power supply and tightening cables if needed.

All of their work is completed with a guarantee of 100% client satisfaction and a 10-year warranty. Even if your company needs a completely new furnace, you can rest assured that Chad’s AC Direct will save you hundreds to thousands of dollars. They provide the greatest furnace brands available, lowering your chance of failure even further!

Even if you anticipate a mild winter, maintaining your furnace in good working order throughout the season is usually the best strategy. Your clients and staff members will thank you when you use Chad’s AC Direct to get the job done correctly!

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