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Details Information About San Francisco Janitorial Supplies

San Francisco Janitorial Supplies is your one stop shop for all your cleaning supplies for hard floors, carpets, windows, household cleaning, home and office cleaning (hand hygiene supplies-pads-paper, etc.)

Carrillo’s Janitorial Supply Store and Carrillo’s Cleaning Services have been in the Greater Bay Area since 1991 and are proud to say they are the go-to store for all of your cleaning projects. To ensure quality control, their cleaning teams use the same products that they sell to all of their cleaning service clients. Their trained in-Store professionals will answer any questions or concerns you may have about any of their products.

San Francisco Janitorial Supplies trained experts will recommend the best products for all your cleaning needs. Additionally, they provide professional cleaning equipment for any size job – large or small, at home or in the office. Their equipment can be used on floors, windows, carpets and more. They have everything in stock and ready to order for all your cleaning needs. They will prepare your order and have it ready for pickup at their store located at 2996 Teagarden St, San Leandro, CA.

They provide sales and service throughout the greater bay area with free and discounted shipping.

Their team is trained to answer all your questions and guide you to the products and equipment you really need.

Know the benefits of the products

  • Skillful

The commercial cleaning devices in question are designed to clean a large area at once and all too efficiently. Cleaning equipment such as the Warehouse Sweeper cleans several square feet of area in a single motion, increasing efficiency by nearly 100 percent compared to manual cleaning techniques. In addition, it saves effort and physical work.

  • Ecological

As the leading manufacturers of commercial cleaning equipment/devices have always been environmentally conscious, they develop cleaning machines that consume less energy and do not harm key environmental entities such as air. Therefore, it clearly makes sense to have these eco-friendly cleaning devices available.

  • Low maintenance and easy operation

Since these cleaning devices are designed for cleaning and nothing else, there is no rocket science in their operation. They are designed with a user-friendly console that includes important switches and LED indicators for easy operation. These devices also require low maintenance costs because the cleaning regimes are not severe enough to cause premature wear of the devices. If such appliances are handled with care, they are sure to provide top performance for years to come without breaking down.

Eliminates the hassle of “managing cleaning workers”

No one wants to take on the burden of managing employees when other important things need to be done. If you have San Francisco Janitorial Supplies in-house cleaners, you will have to manage their paychecks, which seems like a huge burden. However, with the cleaning equipment at your disposal, you will only need one operator and a few watts of electricity to get it done. Moreover, these cleaning products serve the purpose of several individuals; this will save you money and time.


The availability of these cleaning devices is not a problem at all. There are several manufacturers of commercial and industrial cleaning equipment such as industrial pressure washers, sweepers and more.

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