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Differences of Curtains, Blinds, Shades, and Window Tints

As a homeowner, you may be wondering how to make your windows beautiful and functional. One of the best ways to dress up your window is to hang a large, bold curtain. It will draw attention to the window rather than the size of the room. Another great way to dress up a plain window is to choose a fabric with a beautiful illustration. Trim and ribbon braid are great finishing touches.

When choosing curtains, you need to pay attention to directional light, the room’s task, and the level of formality. Consider the size of the patterns and colors to avoid a cluttered look. In addition, if you’re a fan of designs, pay attention to the scale. Try to choose prints with different-sized repeats so that the style doesn’t get too overwhelming.

For a budget-friendly option, consider hanging a simple window screen. This inexpensive decoration can be made from plastic, wood, or metal. They can be easily folded and slid to keep out insects, and they are easy to maintain. These are also excellent choices for small windows. In general, the best window treatments complement the room’s design and your taste. If you can’t find the perfect decoration for your window, you can always buy a customized ornament in bulk.

Furthermore, window tinting Irvine CA is a great window treatment option. It provides added protection against the sun and helps you reduce your dependence on artificial light. In cold climates, window tints can also counteract passive solar heat. Window tinting can also prevent breakage and glass pieces from falling into your home. Lastly, it lowers your energy bill since heating and cooling costs make up about 48% of your total energy bill.

Additionally, window tinting in Orlando FL can make your house less visible to strangers. While it doesn’t prevent burglars from snatching your valuables, it does help your home’s security. 

To know more about window treatments, read this infographic from Kepler Dealer.

Differences of Curtains, Blinds, Shades, and Window Tints [Infographic]

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