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Dispelling The Myths Surrounding Home Cleaning Services

For many people in the U.S., house cleaning services provide them with an easy and convenient way to keep their homes clean for longer. But there are those who are a little more sceptical or distrusting of such services, and who despite needing or wanting help to keep their homes clean, refuse to hire them due to myths they may have heard and mistakenly believed.

So, without further ado, let’s put some of those myths to bed so that you can start benefitting from a professional home cleaning service:

Myth No. 1

You need to clean your home before the cleaners arrive

Totally incorrect! While you may wish to have a quick declutter before the cleaners arrive – so that they can reach all of the areas you want them to clean – this is in no way the same as cleaning in advance of their arrival, and should take a matter of minutes.

Myth No. 2

You’ll be judged by your cleaner

This could not be further from the truth! Professional cleaners are exactly that: professionals. They arrive at your home ready to do whatever cleaning tasks are asked of them, and let’s face it, without you needing their help, they would be out of a job!

Myth No. 3

They will use harmful chemicals

Increasingly nowadays – and in response to customer concerns and a need to help preserve the health of both humans and the environment – home cleaning companies use products and solutions that are 100% natural and chemical-free, but which are still powerful and highly effective. Whether you’re concerned about the welfare of your pets or small children you may share your home with, or whether you have climate change and pollution at the top of your agenda, even if your chosen cleaning company don’t automatically use natural cleaning products, they will almost certainly do so upon your request. You are the customer, after all.

Myth No. 4

Your belongings aren’t safe

Unscrupulous companies with poor reputations may well not be trusted to work inside your home, particularly when left unsupervised, but if you choose an experienced company with plenty of satisfied customers, you need never worry about them snooping around your home, or stealing from you. They will have put measures in place to screen candidates before employing them, and will ensure that they’re all licensed, insured and bonded before they even set foot inside a customers home. Additionally, should you not want a cleaner to enter certain rooms or areas of your home, you can request this prior to them coming.

Myth No. 5

They’re very expensive

While everyone’s idea of what is expensive may be subjective, there are plenty of cleaning services out there that provide customized cleaning to suit various budgets. This could mean choosing a basic, regular cleaning service, or choosing a service that is provided on a weekly, or bi-monthly arrangement. With such flexibility, whether you want your home to be deep cleaned once a month, or given a quick spruce up once a week, there should be a cleaning service out there that you can afford.

Now that you know what is and what isn’t true about home cleaning services, you can get on with hiring one; guilt and worry-free!

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