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DIY Curtain Cleaning Hacks

Having a spic and span home, beautiful furnishings and curtains are an aspiration for many homeowners like us. Having light and tasteful curtains complement our taste and spell class and culture. Sadly light pastel colors or sheer fabrics can be tough to care and maintain. If not attended, they look boring and worn out and lose their glamour. You would then be left to run to Curtain Cleaning Sydney experts to get back their look by their professional handling. Many would think even buying a new set. You can stop worrying and know that you can still maintain these delicate beauties by a few cleaning hacks, mentioned below. If you consider them you will have them looking like a great cleaning job done by Curtain Cleaners Sydney service professionals. You can do the cleaning at home and have your once white curtains regain their charm and visual appeal.

Tackling white curtains

For white curtain owners cleaning may seem challenging. White curtains are beautiful but tend to get dirty. You should resort to whitening them prior to washing them. Ideally they should be cleaned at an interval of 6-8 weeks. You should be careful about letting effects of smoking and cooking affect your curtains as these are quick to absorb smoke and oils. In fact if you are conscious try hanging white curtains in a room less frequented by smokers. This will always help retain their pristine white look as if back from Professional curtain cleaning Sydney services. When using any bleach please read the instructions on label as harsh chemicals in them might damage the fabric.

Whiten curtains using a common kitchen ingredient

Yes, you read that right; an excellent hack to whiten your curtains is using salt. Simply make a solution you can soak your curtains in. Take 2-3 tablespoonful of salt in about one liter of water. Soak the curtain in this water for about 3-4 hours before washing them. Remember if your curtains are very dirty you need to care regularly and with good cleaning methods. Salt is effective on curtains generally well-kept but cannot be effective if your curtains are too dirty.

Lemon juice or citric acid as a curtain-cleaning agent

Most of us are busy and often avoid scheduling a routine cleaning by hiring Curtain Cleaning Sydney service experts. Another common home element that can do wonders on your curtains is lemon juice or citric acid. Make a solution by blending in a liter of water juice from half a lemon or 2 teaspoons of citric acid. Soak the fabric in it and then wash. The discoloration and stains will disappear and your curtains will smell fresh. This is specifically effective on curtains that have been exposed to smoking.

Using baking soda or baking powder

Why reach out to Curtain Cleaners Sydney experts when you have baking soda or baking powder pretty handy on your kitchen shelf? It’s an inexpensive and easy way to clean your curtains. Take a small packet of baking powder or soda and mix it with a few liters of water. Soak the curtains for an hour and then wash the curtains in a gentle spin using light detergent in the washing machine. Of course, many of you would be using Clorox a common product for curtain cleaning. But care should be taken to dilute it with water when soaking the fabric as too much of it may weaken the texture of the fabric. Professional curtain cleaning Sydney experts have an edge over homeowners as they are trained to us the right proportion of any cleaning agent having a knowledge of fabric and their strengths.

Using vinegar as a cleaning hack

Curtains may be whitened adding vinegar to the washing when machine washing.

Using a lint roller to remove fabrics

Curtains attract fabric fibers that cling and stay on curtains despite vacuuming. These can only be removed by gentle brushing or using a lint roller. Once the lint is removed, vacuuming should be done. In fact, regular vacuuming keeps the curtain surfaces much cleaner and less dusty.

Tips for cleaning cotton curtains: These are easy to clean and may be machine-washed on a gentle cycle using cold water to prevent shrinking. Air dry them once cleaned.

Tips for cleaning silk curtains: Silk curtains should be hand washed using a gentle cleaning solution to avoid the harshness of chemicals. Do not twist or wring the fabric. Air dries in an airy shady place. Do this a bit away from direct sun exposure.

Tips for cleaning polyester curtains: Polyester curtains may be safely machine-washed using a mild solution and cold water. Air drying them is the best option as machine drying can be risky.

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