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Does Concrete Get Damaged by Pressure Washing?

The short answer is yes, pressure washing your concrete CAN harm it, but only if it’s done improperly. For this reason, we always advise hiring a professional to guarantee your concrete is cleaned properly. We’re all aware of how filth and grime may accumulate on concrete after enduring exposure to the outdoors for a while. But the same concern keeps coming up: can pressure washing concrete harm it, and how can we avoid it?

The best technique to remove buildup and wear from any kind of concrete surface and restore it to its previous glory as if it had just been laid and set is by pressure washing it. In this article, we’ll outline the ways that improper pressure washing may harm concrete and emphasise the value of getting in touch with a specialist like Go2PM.

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How may pressure washing concrete harm it?

Incorrect nozzle

A pressure washer’s effectiveness will be greatly influenced by the nozzle you choose, so choosing the incorrect one without understanding how it works poses a significant danger of damaging concrete. The general guideline for choosing a nozzle is that the higher the number, the less narrow the nozzle will be, and the less forceful the spray will be. We are aware that using force may appear to provide a better outcome, but what matters is the effect the water is having.

Extraordinary Pressure

The use of excessive pressure when it is not necessary is another frequent cause of concrete damage. Although it sounds intuitive, it is incorrect to assume that applying adequate power would remove dirt and filth from the porous surface. The ideal approach is to stand approximately three metres away from the area you want to start washing. Once the water starts flowing, you may move a bit closer until you are at the proper distance. However, keep in mind that you should not go so near that the nozzle is 30 cm or less from the surface.

Ratio of Hose to Surface

The greatest place to start is to aim slightly higher than where you want the water to hit. For pressure cleaning a concrete surface, a pressure washing and house cleaning specialist uses 3,000 psi; anything more will start to endanger the product, especially if the concrete is already weak. Another crucial element that a professional will always prioritise is rotating the hose’s nozzle in a single, deliberate direction after cleaning to make sure there are no odd marks, patterns, or lines.

In order to prevent environmental damage, Go2PM only uses ecologically safe materials while doing home cleaning services for our clients. We’ll make sure your property appears brand new again with pressure washing services and many other exterior cleaning services, and we won’t leave until you’re completely happy. Still wondering whether pressure cleaning concrete will harm it? Click here to contact us!

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