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Everything That is Available at National Lock Supply

Finding the correct locking system is a wonderful place to start when it comes to security. There are so many possibilities now that you might need help to choose what you require. You could go to a hardware store, but they only have a few locking mechanisms. National Lock Supply can now meet all of your locking needs in one location. We will undoubtedly have you covered, whether for home or commercial usage, with anything from basic lever locks to keypad systems.


With the word “lock” in our name, it seems to reason that we sell them. We provide several choices for residential and commercial properties since each requires a different level of protection.

Our commercial locks provide a more comprehensive range of options to fulfill the various demands of enterprises and warehouses. Cylindrical levers and knobs, mortise locks, and push-pull latches are examples of these locks.

We mainly sell lever-type locks for your home. The levers are more difficult to tamper with since they are located inside the escutcheon plate. A series of pins also protects the locking mechanism, adding an added layer of protection.

Closers For Doors

Door closers, which are commonly used for somewhat heavy doors, assist in automatically closing your door. The arm connects it to the door frame, and the door is hinged to the closer. Door closers can be programmed to control both the speed and the amount of force needed to close the door. By regulating these variables, door closers can assist in preventing door damage and injuries that can occur when doors are closed too quickly or with too much force. Some folks put them on their gates in addition to standard doors!

Exit Devices

It is vital to be able to quickly and efficiently evacuate a facility in the case of an emergency. As a result, exit hardware is an integral part of every commercial or public building. Exit hardware includes things like push bars and panic bars that are put on doors to allow them to be quickly opened in an emergency. Lever and push bar versions are available from National Lock Supply.

Locks With a Keypad

If you choose a keypad or push-button lock, you may add a layer of protection to any lock. These devices function by requiring a code to be entered before entering a particular area. These are among the most secure locks on the market, and they are ideal for enterprises that transport a large number of essential or valuable items and documents.

Why Should You Use National Lock Supply?

You can shop for all of your necessities in one location because there are so many options. You can go from store to store looking for the perfect product for you. Not only that, but we also carry some of the industry’s most well-known brands. We also don’t make you wait weeks—we dispatch our items the same day you buy! Choosing us is not a tough option, especially given our reasonable costs.

We work hard to supply you with goods that keep you and your building safe. It makes no difference whether it is your house or not. Your property is valuable. Shop for locking mechanisms at National Lock Supply today to take the initiative in protecting its necessities!

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