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Expert Tips on Cleaning Every Type of Furniture

Cleaning your home from top to bottom is already a demanding task, but when you figure out that certain areas and furniture require special attention and care, you come up with a problem. Clearing out the clutter and keeping on top of immaculate maintenance is no plain sailing, so just imagine having to pay attention to every single surface. However, if you dust or swipe clean some furniture pieces with a rougher cloth or a different cleaning product, you might risk ruining your favorite furniture piece. Therefore, every type of furniture requires special cleaning care, so whether we are talking about leather, fleece, or cotton, you need to be attentive when cleaning not to ruin your precious furniture and to style it up. With that in mind, here are some expert tips and tricks on how to clean every type of furniture.

 Expert advice for leather

Most homeowners are familiar with the importance of paying close attention to leather furniture when cleaning. There are a few advanced ways you could clean leather furniture, but some of the most basic ones tend to be more productive. It is advisable for experts to use a plain wet micro fiber cloth from time to time and gently dust the leather sofa or armchair. Leather is a very timid material so you ought to treat it with extra care. Another way to clean leather furniture according to experts is to use a damp sponge and wash it with a solution of ¼ of white vinegar with ½ cup of clean water. Lastly, try to keep all your valuable furniture at least two feet from direct sunlight or other heat sources.

Expert advice for wood

Wooden furniture tends to be the number one choice for all people from Victoria State as it is easy to maintain and some pieces are easy to mend or replace. However, cleaning experts from Melbourne specify that there are numerous wood furniture materials and each requires special care. For instance, always use first a classic feather duster to remove dust from delicate wooden surfaces. Secondly, one of the most fruitful tips for cleaning wood would be to use a lint-free cloth to polish and gently rub the surfaces to get a glorious shine. Don’t use too abrasive furniture polish products, try to apply oil or wax-based polishers to avoid any unwanted smudges. Antiques and other furniture may need special care, however, if you need expert help when cleaning your furniture you can contact professional bond cleaning from Melbourne and let the experts help you out.

Expert advice for glass and hard surfaces

Windows, tables, cabinets, shelves, appliances, and other amenities also require a special cleaning routine. For cleaning glass and windows, the best solution is to use a plain household window cleaner with sufficient alcohol that adequately cuts through greasy smudges such as fingerprints. Other flat and hard surfaces that don’t require detailed cleaning can also be wiped over with the same substance but you might want to use a different microfibre cloth or even a kitchen paper roll. When it comes to glass, though, ensure that you clean the underside or underneath. Do spray generously over all glass and hard surfaces and don’t worry about the chemicals potentially harming the furniture as they rarely do. On the other hand, make sure you don’t leave any water spots on the surfaces, as they could leave unwanted marks.

Expert advice for upholstered and natural furniture

When it comes to upholstered furniture, the very first thing you need to keep in mind is the exposure to sunlight. Keep all upholstered furniture out of any harsh and direct sources of light as they would fade. Carefully clean any spills and spots by using a dry wipe or sloth, and when needed wash them thoroughly. Other natural furniture materials such as wicker and cane which can dry out don’t require special cleaning treatments. You could spray those furniture pieces with a hose outside to restore their flair but let them dry out completely. Also, the same direct sunlight exposure tip applies to this furniture as well.

In the end, aim to use natural and quality cleaning products and don’t scrub some plastic or delicate surfaces. Avoid using abrasive cleaners and keep track of regular cleaning routine to always meticulously clean furniture. So, there you have it – all the vital cleaning rules from experts you ought to apply.

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