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Facts About Why Hotel-Like Serviced Apartment Is The Best

If you are a foreigner in Hong Kong, you might be wondering where should be the best place to stay – a safe and private environment. Most people instantly think of staying in a hotel as it is believed that it is the most convenient and most-chosen staycation for corporate and guests. Yet, the existence of serviced apartments has not been recognized because people usually hear about the following:

  • Hotels
  • Apartments
  • Condo units and more

Serviced hotels have not been talked about and are not usually recognized. The facts of a service apartment hong kong are truly amazing because of their hotel-like and homey feel. Here, you will discover how good serviced apartments are.

24/7 receptions with personal assistance

Most serviced apartments are like hotels, they include personalized help and reception available 24/7. It has available services that you never expect it to have, such as:

  • Chef
  • Maid
  • Concierge
  • Chauffeur

These people are just one call away and you can receive the needed assistance when you need it. Genuine hospitality is the hallmark of a serviced apartment, promising a homey feel. All the individual needs and preferences are met with the 24/7 experienced staff offering personalized assistance. Whether it is personal services, such as providing you with a perfect pillow and preparing a special meal for those with dietary needs.

Flexible temporary housing

The unparalleled flexibility of a serviced apartment is enjoyed, including an affordable longer stay. The serviced apartment is equipped with various facilities, which means you can do whatever you want at your convenience, such as:

  • sleep when you feel like
  • cook what your heart desires
  • work at the time of your choice

These types of apartments offer more space and privacy than the typical hotel room. It means you are welcome to entertain guests comfortably without disturbing the rest of the tenants.

Unparalleled privacy

Of course, the space in the hotel room is genuinely private. But, once you have stepped out of the door, the hotel building is a very much shared facility. Even a hotel suite can’t offer the same privacy level as serviced apartments can. All the forms you can find at a typical home are accessible, such as:

  • Living room to the dining area
  • Kitchen to the bathroom

Yes, you have all these in a serviced apartment as it offers more privacy and spaciousness than the other accommodation options.

Extra space

Yes, in serviced apartments, extra spaces make it more of a homey feel. You can cook a meal like you usually do at home and also sit down and watch your favorite sports. Also, you can stay connected with your work remotely because the accessibility of internet connection is possible with their Wi-Fi connectivity.

Aside from that, a serviced hotel can have more rooms, unlike in a hotel you can only have one room available. 2-bedroom serviced apartments are welcoming everyone who needs this kind of flat.

At the end of the day, make your travel experience as convenient and comfortable as possible with Service Apartment Hong Kong.

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