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Finding the Best Door Hinges For Your Building

Let’s face it; door hinges are probably not something you think about often. However, considering that they are what make your doors even function, they are more important than you realize. In fact, there are plenty of different choices on the market since different doors have different needs. Thankfully, you can find plenty of your choices in one place with the help of National Lock Supply. Whether you own a business or have access to a warehouse, you can find commercial door hinges from our online shop.

Five-Knuckle Ball Bearing

This is a door hinge that employs ball bearings to allow the door to swing smoothly. Because ball bearings allow for a smoother operation than standard hinges, these hinges are commonly utilized on heavy doors or doors that receive a lot of use. Ball knuckles are available in a number of sizes and finishes, making them a flexible alternative for both new construction and remodeling projects. They are the most commonplace choice of the bunch.

Full Surface

A complete surface door hinge is a hinge that is mounted on the door’s surface. This hinge is typically found on doors that are flush with the frame. The fundamental benefit of a whole surface door hinge is that it allows the door to swing open completely. This makes cleaning the door or accessing the entire opening simple. A complete surface door hinge also eliminates the need for mortising, which saves time and effort during installation.

Three-Knuckle Concealed Bearing

This is a hinge that is intended to be hidden from view, giving the door a sleek and polished appearance. Three-knuckle concealed bearing door hinges are a form of concealed-bearing hinge with three knuckles rather than two. This design adds additional support to the door, making it perfect for heavier doors or doors that will be used frequently. Furthermore, three-knuckle concealed bearing door hinges creak less than other types of hinges. This makes them an excellent alternative for workplaces or other reasonably quiet settings.

How Do I Choose?

Just like you do when you are choosing your door, you want to make sure that your choice of door hinge complies with the frame. It should also be able to hold the weight of your door and give you the efficient swing you need when opening the door. Price, of course, should also be of concern. Never go over your budget!

Thankfully the door hinges supplied by National Lock Supply are low-cost and compete with the ones you would find at hardware stores. However, by choosing to get your supplies through our company, you will ensure that you are choosing from renowned hinge makers with more options to choose from.

When you order from us, you will also be happy to know that you will get your items shipped the same day! There’s no waiting around. You’ll get your products immediately. While searching for your door hinges, you can add some security to your commercial building’s doors by looking at our different lock and hardware exit choices.

Doors are essential components of any building, so it is important that they work to their full potential. One way to make this happen is by choosing its perfect door hinge. Don’t look any further than the ones provided by National Lock Supply.

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