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Flower Sending Etiquette for Dummies

Although there are numerous methods to express your feelings, very few are as potent or as lovely as an arrangement of flowers. Flowers have been used as a representation of adoration, sympathy, and congratulations for ages. Even though the custom of offering flowers has been around for a while, flower-giving etiquette has changed since then. Before contacting a florist shop like La Fleur to send the ideal arrangement, keep these suggestions in mind if you’re looking for a service that delivers flowers in Austin, Texas.

Are Flowers Acceptable?

If someone is staying or working somewhere that allows flowers, that is a very crucial factor to take into account before sending them a floral arrangement—especially if they are far away from you. Although it can seem strange to consider, many public locations might have rules or regulations against flowers or particular kinds of flowers.


Many hospitals restrict or forbid delivering flowers to patients who are receiving long-term care because of allergies or infection risks. The types of items that can be carried into hospitals have been significantly restricted by most hospitals as a result of stricter policies and regulations that have been put in place since the COVID-19 epidemic. Before sending flower arrangements, it’s crucial to understand the hospital’s floral arrangement guidelines to prevent any hiccups or confusion. If you are unsure or unable to learn more, sending the item to the patient’s house after they are discharged from the hospital might be the best course of action.


Sending flowers as a gesture of sympathy is a kind way to honor the memory of a loved one who has passed away. Flowers are typically sent right to the funeral home, but it’s always a good idea to make sure the family is getting them as well. Sometimes, sending flower tributes goes against the family’s wishes. These are frequently found in the obituary of the deceased person or by speaking with their family. Flowers are not used in the burial rites of some religions.

Work Locations

There may be regulations banning delivery at some firms with locations in larger buildings. Make sure the delivery firm can deliver the arrangement to the recipient if they work in an office complex if you are sending them a flower arrangement. Another instance where, for convenience’s sake, it could be a good idea to send the bouquet straight to the recipient’s home.


Whether or not the recipient has a flower allergy is another crucial factor to take into account when delivering floral arrangements. Even though some florists, like La Fleur, allow you to add notes about allergies or favorite flowers, that option may not always be available, so being aware of any sensitivities in advance is essential. To solve this problem and give the arrangement a more lasting look, some florists may even provide cloth or plastic solutions.

Is it suitable?

Although the majority of individuals enjoy getting flowers, they might not always be the right gift. Expressing a floral arrangement in some circumstances might not be the greatest move because it could come across as improper or send the incorrect message.


Even while it is fairly normal to send flowers to a coworker for a variety of occasions—thanking them, congratulating them on a promotion, or commemorating employee appreciation week—the office may be the most difficult setting to follow the rules for the flower delivery.

You should carefully choose the floral arrangement you send to avoid coming out as romantically interested or favoritism. In many instances, thinking about choices like a card or gift basket at work may be a terrific idea.

Keeping Flowers Fresh

Now that you are aware of certain floral etiquette guidelines, you should review how to extend the life of your flowers.

Here are some recommendations for keeping your La Fleur flowers fresh longer.

Altering Water

You should regularly change the water in your flowers. Water should be changed either every day or every other day. This prevents the growth of bacteria and ensures that the cut flowers are getting enough water. You should cleanse the vase in between water changes to prevent bacteria from coming into contact with the chopped stems and fostering the growth of mold.

Ways to Cut

Flowers can absorb more water when stems are cut at an angle as opposed to straight on. Never cut the stems with a knife; always use scissors to avoid crushing them. Crushing the stems will make it harder for the flowers to eat by destroying the pathways that water uses to get to the blooms.

Staying fed

It’s essential to feed your flowers if you want them to stay fresh for as long as possible. The talented florists at La Fleur will supply enough flower food for numerous water changes. Make sure the flower food is completely dissolved to ensure that it is properly absorbed by the flower stems. Use lukewarm water for the best outcomes to prevent stunning the flowers and causing them to droop.

Take it Back

Do your flowers seem to be fading despite your best efforts? Think about adding bleach to the water. Bleach can be used cautiously to get rid of waterborne germs that might harm the blooms. In the absence of bleach, you might try “feeding” them sugar. They might still bloom if you dissolve some sugar in the flower’s water!


Flowers are usually a kind gift, but there are unwritten guidelines that must be followed. For any event, the talented designers at La Fleur can put up a gorgeous arrangement! Not only can they help you choose one of the available arrangements to send the perfect message you had in mind, but they can also work with you to create a singularly unique arrangement that fits exactly what you had in mind. Check out La Fleur’s offerings and what they have in store for you by clicking here.

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