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The warm summer months are here, and with the pandemic (almost) behind us, homeowners are back to having guests over and showing off their pads. And with new visitors means adding a little fun spice to make it a memorable visit.

While pools and playgrounds are costly, the top least-expensive trend these days with homes is to simply add a fun sign to a room or yard that will surely grab a guest’s attention.

Lone Star Art, a company out of Texas, has been one of the go-to online sites for those seeking just this, and the company’s Chief Creative Officer, Norm Lanier, gave us some insights into what people are doing/buying these days…

Tell us Norm, why is it important for people to add signs to their homes these days?

A lot of our signs are pretty humorous and relatable. They’re guaranteed to lead to some chuckles and smiles for anyone that passes by. Not only are they perfect to add to your own home, but they’re also perfect to gift to others for theirs. Seems like these days, the world is so serious; and when life starts to feel that way, nothing is better than a shared laugh after you give someone that perfect funny gift.

A little humor can make a home memorable. What are some of your favorite, more comedy-related signs you have created?

The personalized dog signs that we offer are definitely some of my favorites. We created over 200 cartoon dog breeds to choose from with different coloring options. Dog owners can now create signs starring their family dogs which is pretty unique and special.        

How has the online sign market been coming out of the pandemic?

The pandemic and lockdown were more of an opportunity than a burden for me. I spent that time building my store During the pandemic and even today, people are spending time at home and shopping online more than they ever have before. All this extra time in the house and looking at their plain walls inspired people to do some decor updating which we were definitely happy to help with. Our sales have surged from it all and has led to tremendous growth in our business.

What are the steps that go into creating your products?

Throughout the years, I’ve developed an eye that lets me see inspiration everywhere. From memes and t-shirts to even old neon signs, anything can inspire a new idea for a product. We always start with an idea and then twist it around to make it our own. The crucial step when it comes to developing these new ideas however is to listen to the customers. You always create with the customer in mind and what they want from the start.

How many signs do you have hanging in your home personally?

We have several. I have a couple of the dart scoreboards, several outdoor signs like for our firepit. I’ve also given several to people as gifts. The employees get a kick out of decorating the office with them.

What new products are you working on for 2022?

Well, earlier this year, we introduced Tea Towels and new Wooden Signs to Lone Star Art and they have been a big hit with our customers. New designs are constantly being added to our website.


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