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Getting Your Home Ready for Winter

As days get shorter and evenings chillier, this is the perfect time to make sure that your furnace or air conditioning system is in excellent condition to get you through another Will County winter. Conveniently located in New Lenox, IL, Update Heating and Cooling Services is your trusted heating service company.

Before you start raising your thermostat, consider the following preventative steps to get your home ready for colder days ahead so tempers are never raised. A little preparation now will help your heating system perform better when you need it the most.

12 Helpful Winter Prep Tips

  1. Talk about Temperatures: Different people have different comfort levels and heating needs. You may prefer a brisk 65 °F while the person in the room next door wants a toastier 71 °F. Multi-zone systems allow more flexibility. Make sure that younger children, elderly family members, and others have enough warmth as temperatures fall.
  2. Inspect Areas Near the System: Internal and external components of your heater or A/C need some room to “breathe” while operating. Be sure that nothing is in proximity to indoor mechanics that could cause fire hazards. Keep shrubs, plants, mulch, and other debris from gathering near outdoor units.
  3. Scrutinize Safety Equipment: Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors should be inspected. Replace older units or batteries, if necessary. Make sure you have an unexpired fire extinguisher handy, especially if you have an oil or gas-burning unit at your home.
  4. Clean around Ducts and Vents: Try to remove dust, dander, or other items that may affect airflow. Dirty ductwork may also be prone to mold and mildew or increase the chance of allergies. Keep airflow unobstructed.
  5. Check and Replace Air Filters: Dirty filters place more pressure on your heating system when it operates by limiting airflow. Inspect filters, make sure they are properly installed, and make a note of when they should be replaced.
  6. Look beyond Living Spaces: Your attic and garage may have components of your heating system. Winterizing these areas and checking insulation are important steps. If unsure of what to do, schedule a service call with an expert to prevent wintertime frustration.
  7. Seal Openings and Gaps: Heat escaping your house raises your bills and lowers your unit’s performance. Check for areas that may require weatherstripping or other modifications to keep the cold outdoors.
  8. Rearrange Items and Make Seasonal Adjustments: Carpets and furniture that are located near ductwork may prevent proper airflow from spreading warmth throughout the house. Thicker and heavier curtains keep heat inside better than lighter curtains.
  9. Start Your Unit: Once you have checked the above items, turn on your heater. A “burning” odor may appear the first time you do it, but it should go away after a short time. If you continue to notice it, have a technician inspect your system now rather than later.
  10. Keep Humidity Low: Some people keep less frequently used living spaces much colder. Upholstery and other furnishings tend to hold more moisture if temperatures fall under 64 °F for prolonged periods, so monitor these areas carefully.
  11. Let Interior Temperatures Dictate Use: Adjust your thermostat based on your interior comfort needs, not the amount of snow outside. Energy-efficient homes, insulation, and windows are much better at keeping warmth inside.
  12. Schedule Maintenance: Technicians from Update Heating and Cooling Services are experts at assessing the condition of your heating system. Now is a great time to schedule a visit and make sure your unit is in top shape.

Let Update Heating and Cooling Services know how we can help prepare your home for winter!

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