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Grab The Details Info of Lagoon Pool Design

Lagoon pool design, lagoon-shaped pools are the most diverse sub-genre of pools in landscape design. This is due to its characteristic use of free form and curvilinear layouts with almost unlimited creative potential. Free-form or lagoon-shaped pools are close to kidney-shaped pools and are sometimes called radius pools because of their curvilinear nature.


A more popular shape common to lagoon pool design today is called a cloud or bubble, aptly named for the perceived form of these pools. The flowing and smooth waves and curves of these pools very faithfully depict the true essence of tropical landscape design.

Lagoon-shaped pools also commonly use niches or pockets for various landscape features. Trees and shrubs integrated into the design of the pool provide a pleasant source of shade from the harsh sunlight. They also add bulk or aesthetic value to the pool, not to mention the backyard as a whole.

Alcoves or pockets are also commonly used for tanning ledges, which are ideal for a relaxing dip in the pool while also providing beautiful, sun-kissed summer skin.


Curved lagoon-shaped pools work wonders for irregularly shaped plots and can adapt to any plot shape. However, they also serve as a nice contrast to sharp, regularly shaped backyards by softening the edges and corners of the property with their gentle curves.

When it comes to pool construction, they will typically consist of one of three main materials: Gunite, Fiberglass, and Vinyl.


Gunite is the most expensive of the three, but durable. In its simplest form, this material is shotcrete with steel reinforcing bars. Its durable construction is known to last a lifetime.

Fiberglass is not as expensive as bullet, but it is not as available as vinyl. Fiberglass pool liners are resistant to algae build-up and require a short installation time.

Best Lagoon Pool Design Ideas

Do you want your lagoon pool to look like a real hidden piece of nature? Try these 10 ideas to bring the beauty of the wilderness into your backyard:

  • Landscape with boulders and tropical plants such as palm trees
  • Around your pool build a grotto (bonus points if it has a waterfall)
  • Choose a pool surface of blue, green or sandstone
  • Add color changing LED lights
  • Build a beach entrance or add a sun ledge
  • Include a fire pit in the pool area
  • Turn your lagoon pool into a natural pool
  • Line your pool area with torches
  • Throughout the pool integrate multiple water features
  • Build a swim up bar
  • Fire pit-in-the-pool

Lagoon Pool Pros

To wrap up this guide and help you decide if a lagoon pool design is the right type of pool for your home, here’s a quick overview of the pros and cons of a lagoon pool.

  • Professionals
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Several unique design options
  • Natural look

One of the main advantages of a lagoon pool design is that they look incredible. Between the curved natural shape, fire features and waterfalls, a perfectly styled lagoon pool can really make you feel like you’re on a tropical island. You will also have hundreds of shapes and designs to choose from for all types of pools, pool manufacturers and manufacturers.

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