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How Do You Know You Need a New Water Heater?

One of the appliances you don’t typically consider is your water heater. You expect your water heater to function as it should when you get up in the morning, take a hot shower, or wash your clothes in hot water.

But what occurs if your water heater breaks down? You will need to call The Plumbing Dr. for water heater services in Arlington, VA if this happens. With more than four decades of experience in the plumbing industry, they’re the team to call when an issue arises.

Assessing if You Need a New Water Heater

There are a few signs that suggest you may require a new water heater. If your water heater receives routine water heater services from The Plumbing Dr., they may assist you in keeping an eye out for these indicators.

It Hasn’t Been Replaced in Over Ten Years

Ordinary water heaters frequently require an upgrade after ten years. If your system is more than ten years old, it might still function for a few more years, but at the absolute least, you should consider water heater replacement altamonte springs fl.

If you’re unsure of the age of your water heater, check the serial number on it. You should find a sticker on the appliance’s top. If you’re having problems determining a date, you can access more information by entering the serial number on the manufacturer’s website. The team at The Plumbing Dr. can also help you assess this information.

The Water Heater Is Making Weird Noises

Odd noises start to arise from an old water heater as it gets older. Sediment slowly accumulates at the tank’s bottom over time. When the water is heated, the sediments get harder. The heater’s interior, as a result, creates banging or rumbling noises, indicating that your hot water heater needs to be replaced.

You’re Running Out of Hot Water

Insufficient hot water is another sign that you need to get a water heater. Water heaters lose capacity as they age and become less effective at heating water due to silt buildup. Lack of hot water is a clear sign that you need to replace your heater. If your home frequently runs out of hot water, you might want to consider the benefits of a tankless water heater, which provides an endless supply of hot water for your family.

The Water Heater Has Puddling Water

The tank may be leaking and has to be serviced immediately if you observe water leaks close to the water heater. Little fractures eventually emerge when the metal tank continually expands and contracts due to heat. You run the serious risk of having a tank rupture if it fractures. If you see water around your hot water heater, contact The Plumbing Dr. right away.

For All Your Plumbing Needs, Rely on The Plumbing Dr.

Water heaters can be installed and repaired by The Plumbing Dr. Your system will last longer if you work with their team for regular maintenance. If you have questions about your water heater requirements, talk with The Plumbing Dr. team today. And if you see any of the warning signals mentioned above, call them right away at their Arlington, Alexandria, or Falls Church, VA locations.

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