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How Often Should My Toilet Be Replaced


Although it may seem small and unimportant, a toilet is one the most important fixtures in your home. It is important to know when it should be replaced. 

How Long Will a Toilet Last?

Toilets can last between 10 to 15 years on average. This is even with regular usage. It will vary depending on the model of toilet and how much wear it has experienced over time. Most toilets will give you warning signs that it is time to replace. 

Frequent Problems

If you need to call a plumber to fix the toilet repeatedly, it is likely that replacement will be necessary. It can cause damage to your bathroom if you don’t replace the toilet as it is in constant repair. You can save money on toilet repairs by purchasing a new model instead of spending a lot.

Toilet Bowls or Tank Cracks

It’s a smart idea to replace the toilet bowl and tank if you find cracks. Leakages can cause damage to your bathroom’s flooring. You may need to replace your toilet if you see cracks or water pooling at the base.

Flushing Problems

Are you noticing that your toilet doesn’t flush properly or has frequent overflows or clogs? All these are signs that you might need a new toilet. Low water levels could be caused by a blocked pipe or an outdated toilet hardware. To confirm, a professional plumber will inspect the toilet.

Unstable Toilet

The experience of sitting down on the toilet shouldn’t be stressful. If the toilet becomes wobbly or unstable, it is likely that you need to replace it as soon as possible. Check to ensure that all components are secured.


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