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How to Avoid & Unclog Clogged Drains

It’s important to take drain blockages seriously. If they suddenly appear when you’re taking a bath or shower, there’s a chance they could harm the bathtub, shower, or drain. Overcoming these challenges could make the remainder of your day more challenging. Even while clogged drains might occasionally feel inevitable, there are really a number of things that can be done to reduce the likelihood that they will develop. There are other things you can do to unclog a blocked drain if none of the other options work. Keep reading to learn some of the ways to unclog a blocked drain.


If you frequently have clogged sinks in your kitchen or bathroom, consider investing in a strainer to cover the drain when doing dishwashing. As a result, you can then gather any food fragments that may have dropped but were saved. If you have a garbage disposal attached to your kitchen sink, you need to clean it frequently to avoid collection. Unlike a blocked bathroom sink, a clogged kitchen sink can be very unpleasant due to the buildup of rotting food and related aromas.

Premium Plumbing can fix any drain, no matter how clogged, because they are specialists at unclogging bathroom and kitchen drains. Even the most stubborn impediments can be broken down and removed with the help of sinks and baths. In the hair and food industries, these seasoned professionals are unparalleled. Make sure to get in touch with them as soon as you can to set up a meeting.

Using Snake Drains

A lot of people are not aware that there are drain snakes that can be used in bathroom drains to catch hair before it gets clogged. Most do-it-yourself handymen have at least once cleared a blockage using a drain snake. By doing this, you could just stop the obstruction from occurring in the first place. If it couldn’t gather every hair in your bathroom, it would still make things much easier for Premium Plumbing when they came to snake your drain.

Rely on the Professionals!

Sometimes clogged drains cannot be avoided, even with the best precautions. While there exist numerous do-it-yourself methods for cleaning drains, hiring a licensed plumber is the most efficient and dependable approach to restore normal drainage in your sink or bathtub. You can be sure that your shower will stay a shower and not a tub if you contact Premium Plumbing for any drain cleaning services in Tampa, FL.

Nobody enjoys having to perform the unpleasant task of unclogging a drain by themselves. Adopting a few preventive steps and investing a little more effort and forethought could greatly lessen the frequency and severity of such disasters. The next time you take a shower, you can be sure that the idea of foul-smelling, unclean, and blocked drains will be the last thing on your mind when you combine that with the knowledge that you have a team of drain cleaners on your side, like Premium Plumbing.

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