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How To Identify Blocked Drains And How To Unblock Them

Blocked drains are the most common problem in every household. There are quite a few tips and tricks to unblock drain Molesey without professional help. But before getting into the tips, let’s look at the symptoms of blocked drains and know how to choose the best unblocking services like bracknell drainage services.

How To Spot Blocked Drains

A foul smell is the first indication of blocked drains. Blocked drains stagnant water and waste and creates a foul smell. If you experience a bad smell in your household and can’t find any waste externally, it indicates internal blocked drains.

Overflowing is the second indication of blocked drains. When drains are blocked, irrespective of the reasons, water flows back to the start point and takes time to flow down the drains.

Sounds from the drains also specify blocked drains. Due to waste accumulation, the passing of water becomes resistant. Because of the resistance, a gurgling sound is produced. Therefore, the reason is blocked drains whenever you hear the water flow sounds.

If your water bill is higher than usual, then it’s a sign of blocked drains. Blocked drains don’t let water flow easily, so more electricity is required. More usage of electricity results in higher water bills indicating blocked drains.

So, this is how you can identify blocked drains and try to unblock drains Molesey.

How To Unblock Drains

· Using Homemade Tools

Using homemade tools to unblock Molesey is only suggested when the blockage is either near the starting point or visible to your eye. Tools like spears, steel rods, and other sharp metallic objects can be used to clear the blockage. Even the bracknell drainage services suggest their customers use only sharp objects to clear the blockage. Send the metallic rods into the drains until it reaches the blockage. After reaching the blocked point, start clearing the accumulated waste by moving the spear front and back. There are two ways to clear the blockage with sharp objects: the first is to bring the waste to the top, put it in a cover and throw it in the trash, and the second is to flush water down the drain after disturbing the waste. Once the waste is disturbed, it is flushed down with water. This is the first and easy step to cleaning blocked drains. Using homemade tools is a cheap and reliable option too.

· Using Chemicals

To clean the drains, a lot of chemicals can be used. Chemicals clear the blockage and clean the drain walls, freeing them from future blockage. Caustic soda with vinegar is the best solution to unblock drains. The bracknell drainage services suggest using caustic soda, vinegar and hot water mixture for efficient results. Hydrogen peroxide is also a chemical or fluid powerful enough to clean drains. Hydrogen peroxide is cheap and readily available, making it a good choice.

These are tips to clean blocked drains. It’s always important to wear gloves and cover your face correctly while cleaning the drains.

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