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How to Make Your Air Conditioner Use Less Energy in the Summer

While air conditioners provide great relief for us and our homes, they also considerably raise our energy costs. An air conditioner requires a lot of energy to perform effectively. This, however, does not indicate that you must remove it from your house. There are methods to keep your air conditioner running while minimizing your electricity bills. In addition to assisting you with any essential AC repair in Durham, NC, Eco-Green Air can help you maintain the equipment to keep your house more energy efficient.

Look for Energy-Efficient Models

When purchasing a new air conditioner, search for a few labels that indicate energy efficiency. To begin, seek out an air conditioner with a good Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER). This figure represents the amount of cooling provided by your air conditioner per unit of energy consumed. The greater the EER, the more energy efficient your air conditioner is.

You may also opt for an air conditioner that is ENERGY STAR certified. This label indicates that your air conditioner has been independently tested and certified to fulfill the US Environmental Protection Agency’s stringent energy efficiency criteria.

Choosing the Right Size of Air Conditioner

Though it is tempting to think that bigger is always better, this is not always the case. A larger air conditioner will provide more cool air, but depending on the size of your home, it may be a waste of money. Calculating the square footage of the space to be cooled is the easiest way to decide what size you need. To reach the final number, multiply this by 25. This is the number of BTUs that your air conditioner should have.

Insulation for Air Conditioners

Gaps are unavoidable because your air conditioner is most likely in your window. Gaps can let in additional heated air, causing your air conditioner to work harder to cool it down. Insulating the unit is an efficient way to avoid this. Insulation keeps cold air inside your home, allowing it to maintain a more consistent temperature. In addition, to decrease noise pollution and make your house more pleasant for you and your neighbors, insulate your air conditioner. This can be done in several ways, including covering the unit with a blanket or fabric.

Routine Maintenance

When properly fixed, it will function just like any other appliance. Low refrigerant and a faulty drainage system are two of the most common issues that air conditioners face. As a result, they may sense warm air instead of cool air, leading their inner components to work harder and waste more energy.

Professionals may examine your system before you use it for the first time this year, saving you time and hassle later on. If any issues arise, they will be addressed as quickly as feasible. As a consequence, you will save money and be able to maintain the same unit for a longer length of time.

Technicians Can Assist You

If you’re not sure if your existing system is the greatest match for you, the specialist you hire may be able to help you select a more efficient system. Because more energy-efficient air conditioners are on the market, replacing them may be a better option for you.

There are businesses that can help you with any type of air conditioning problem. Eco-Green Air can help Raleigh, Durham, and Cary, NC, households with air conditioner repair or installation. Keeping the environment healthy is important to their team, and energy efficiency helps with that. Allow the expense of your energy bill not to be an impediment to keeping your house cool this summer. If you follow the suggestions in this article, you may be able to save money for the things you desire the most.

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