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How to Proceed if Your Home Isn’t Selling

If it seems like it’s taking forever for your house to sell, you might be wondering what’s wrong and what your choices are. To make minor tweaks or completely alter your plan, evaluate your home using the following criteria. When you inquire about how to sell my house quickly in Eugene, OR, you might have a whole other choice available to you.

Examine some potential reasons why your home could not be selling while you’re deciding what to do and see whether it’s possible to make improvements.

Staging Issues

Staging has a significant impact on how prospective buyers are introduced to your house. In addition to cleaning, fixing, and painting the area, this calls for getting rid of all unnecessary furniture and debris.

Staging is to make your home appear clean, fresh, and welcoming. The dining room table is set, some cookies are baked, the lights are all turned on, and some fresh flowers are arranged on the kitchen table. When customers walk through the door, they should feel welcomed.

If you’re still living there, it will obviously take some effort to put this up each time someone comes to inspect the place. You are aware that it can be beneficial, but depending on your circumstances, this approach may produce more problems than you anticipated.

Unfocused Photos for Listings

If the photographs don’t showcase your home as neat, bright, and uncluttered, you might want to get them redone. Dark, crowded, or photographs that highlight the home’s less desirable features are a deal-breaker. Before taking your pictures, make sure your area has been thoroughly cleaned and decluttered and that the day is sunny.

If your listing agent is unable to make your photographs seem great in any setting, hire a photographer who can.

Curb Appeal

Even if you have the greatest house on the block—on the inside—if your yard is neglected or featureless, your paint is flaking, and your front walk needs maintenance, a buyer may pass you by. To make sure your home is spotless both inside and out, you will need to go above and beyond. Clean the windows, add some plants and flowers, update the mailbox, and paint if necessary. If you are unable to paint the entire house, paint the trim and shutters.

These actions can need more time and money than you are prepared to invest in the area. particularly if you’re in financial trouble or the house you’re selling was inherited.

Address Location

If your home is near a busy street, has a stream or creek on the property, or slopes upward from the front to the rear, selling it will be challenging. Such problems are quite difficult to manage. The interior layout, which can also be problematic, is not even considered in this.

To sell that kind of home, you’ll either need to drop the asking price, wait for the right buyer to show up, or do both.


As you can see, you might not be able to handle the actions you’ll need to do to sell your home. If so, you might want to take it off the market and get in touch with a firm like Stewardship Properties – We Buy Houses in Eugene, OR, who will buy your property for cash. You won’t have to bother about holding open houses, keeping the house tidy, or even how the outside looks when you work with Stewardship Properties. Just get in touch with them and try to work something out.

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