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How to Properly Prune a tree

Pruning a tree is an essential part of maintaining a healthy tree. But it should be done with care and by a professional. A proper pruning process involves carefully thinking through how the tree will react. When you cut off a branch, you are essentially starving it. It will try to regrow it, and in the meantime, you may end up damaging your tree’s health. Dead trees are unsightly and will decrease the value of your property. However, pruning is the right thing to do for your tree. If you have tree that needs to be pruned, contact for free quote.

There are various times to prune a tree. It is best to perform the pruning during the growing season, and it is acceptable to do so during various parts of the year. If you prune a tree that has been damaged by a storm, it is important to do so as soon as possible to give the tree the best chance of healing. For example, pruning a fallen branch should be done carefully against the branch collar, which keeps the damaged branch from coming back.

Pruning a tree should begin in the first year when you are planting it. The main goal is to protect your tree and establish a strong central leader. Avoid causing too much damage to the bark and make the cut as clean as possible. Also, the cut should be angled, not too deep, so that it produces the smallest wound. A clean cut will heal faster. If the cut is too large or complex, call in an arborist.

The most effective way to prune a tree is to cut the branches that are growing inwards. These branches are not healthy and should be removed. Other branches that should be pruned include those that block walkways, threaten telephone wires, rub roofs, and overhang houses. When pruning, remember to maintain structural integrity and avoid sacrificing aesthetic appeal. Always choose the right plant to plant on your property. If the cut is too extreme, you may end up damaging the tree’s protective system.

You can prune a tree by cutting it into small sections. You can remove the smallest branches. The branches that grow inwards are not healthy. They should be pruned if they are blocking walkways or overhanging houses. After pruning, you should leave about 25 percent of the remaining branches. This will allow your tree to recover more quickly. You should never cut more than two-thirds of its canopy. It should remain between 25 percent and 30% of its height.

The main purpose of pruning a tree is to shape it and direct its growth. You should also consider safety of your family. Injuring yourself while pruning is dangerous. Do not cut your tree too deeply. Taking a step back and allowing it to heal will only cause more damage. When cutting a tree, never cut the stem. The branch tissue is more vital than the stem, so do not prune a branch that has more than one trunk.

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