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How To Select Loft-Style Colors For Your Room?

Choosing loft style colors (สีลอฟท์ มีกี่สี, which is the term in Thai) for your home is about knowing the kind of mood you want to create. Loft style is a great way to update your lifestyle without significant changes. Below are a few ideas that you imply to your room.

Neutral Colors

Loft style uses muted colors. Neutral hues are prevalent in lofts and are easy to mix and match. This neutral color scheme will last more than one season.

If you want a colorful home but aren’t ready to go all-out rainbow, mix neutrals with bright pillows or lamps. For more visual appeal, try patterned wallpaper or upholstery fabric on the sofa or chairs.

Primary Colors

Primary colors are the most basic, pure colors. These colors are also very intense and vivid. They’re used to make secondary colors when mixed. When choosing your color scheme, it’s a good idea to include some primary colors as they’re perfect for accent walls or accessories like throw pillows and art pieces.

Mixing White Into The Color Palette

  • White is a great color to use as a neutral.
  • It’s also an excellent color to mix with other colors.
  • White can be used to create a light, airy feel.
  • If you’re looking for something modern or minimalistic, white is also perfect for that look!

Making A Mystery With Black And Gray

Black and grey are splendid loft-style hues. Black and grey are popular since they’re easy to blend. These hues can be painted on your bedroom walls in semi-gloss or matt. If you want contrast, blend greys or add white to the walls.

Don’t Forget Orange, Red And Green.

Orange, red, and green are primary colors. In the color wheel, they’re called warm colors because they generate heat. These three hues can be combined to create a wide range of bold and cheerful shades.

In your loft-style rooms, orange will make your living room feel cozy, while red adds warmth to the dining area. Green is the most versatile color in this trio as it can add freshness to your bathroom or give an artistic flair to your bedroom.


Thinking of giving your room loft style colors? Then this guide is an help for sure. You must choose colors that complement each other and work together in harmony. You also have to consider how light or dark they are, as well as whether they complement your existing furniture or not. If all else fails, pick a neutral color like white or black; these tones will go with anything!

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