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How To Select The Best Towel Rail Towel Rail For Your Bathroom 

The first thing you need to be thinking about is where to install your brand-new towel bar. It must be hung against the wall in a reasonably high position. It must also be equipped with lockable locks to keep it from falling from the wall. Also, it would be best if you thought about the design of the towel bar before you decide on it. 

Heated towel rails 

There are several aspects to think about when selecting heated towel rails to install in your bathroom. Consider first how much heating you require. It is possible to determine this with a BTU calculator. The greater the BTU value, the more efficient the heat generated. Other aspects to consider when selecting the heated towel rail include the insulation of the building and double-glazed windows and the material used for the rail. 

Also, it would be best if you thought about where you will install your heated towel rail inside your bathroom. If you are planning to install it on the wall, be sure to choose a suitable size. If, for instance, the bathroom is a bijou, it is possible to select a smaller size so that you can have more space under the cabinet to store things. Additionally, it is essential to be aware of the area in the back of the bathroom when selecting the heated towel rail. 

Traditional towel radiators 

Classic towel radiators for bathrooms are an excellent way to give you warmth and ensure that your towels are fluffy. They are typically installed on the floor or walls and are connected to central heating or electrical system. They are less bulky than traditional radiators for rooms and are suitable for smaller bathrooms or bathrooms with en-suites. They are offered by companies such as Burlington, Zehnder, and Apollo. 

Towel radiators are ideal for bathrooms of all sizes and shapes. They’re flexible and offered in various finishes, colours and styles. Some of them have a beautiful radiator, making them perfect for bathrooms with a farmhouse style. 

The styles of towel rails 

There are many designs of towel rails for bathrooms. They are often made with a modern design, while some have more classic. Ladder rails are better suited for bathrooms with a contemporary appearance, while designer rails come with a glossy look and are available in variouscolours and shapes. 

Bathroom towel racks are an effective way to arrange your towels. They’re easily transferable from one spot to another and can be folded to store them. Many of these racks are heated, drying your towels quickly and efficiently. They are also available in various sizes and shapes, allowing you to fit many family members. 

Towel rails come in various designs and sizes, such as freestanding as well as wall-mounted and corner-mounted. The size you choose depends on the bathroom’s dimensions and the number of towels you want to hang. Larger toilets can accommodate several oversized rails, whereas smaller bathrooms might only be able to hold just a few smaller ones. 

The height of the towel bar 

When selecting the towel bar, it is essential to choose the right height. It should be higher than the floor but not too low that it touches the floor. If the towel is placed on the flooring, it could be coated with bacteria. To find the right size, try different heights to discover one that suits your bathroom. In general, 48 inches would be the ideal height. 

To determine the appropriate height, take the hand towel measurement and how high it extends above the bar. The standard hand towel measures around 16 inches wide and 30 inches in length. It should be possible to access the towel ring even while standing. You can lower the height by 2 inches if the bar is too high. But make sure that the top of your bar’s upper part is, at most, the size of the vanity. 

Other considerations to take into account 

Towel rails can be a great option to bring warmth to bathrooms and come in various designs and sizes. You can pick from smaller models 270mm x 500mm to more elaborate 1800mm 600mm models. The towel rail dimensions you select will be determined by the bathroom you have and the area in which it will be installed. Setting your towel rail against a wall with adequate insulation and windows is best. This will ensure a high degree of energy distribution throughout the room. 

Another option you could opt for is the ladder rail. They are incredibly convenient since they can be moved to another door in need. They’re typically positioned on the wall next to the shower or bathtub. This kind of towel rail isn’t like a bulky towel bar and is perfect in bathrooms with little wall space. They are also helpful in guest bathrooms and bathrooms that many family members utilise.

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