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Importance of cement product for strong building construction

Cement is an important product for building material among other products in the construction of industry. Cement has replaced all other building products and materials which are like clay and lime, which have been ruled for hundreds of years. Cement is the best material for making and constructing a new building concrete for foundations. Cement is a water-based binder used to bind other building materials together in your building. To construct your building you have to use cement, sand, small stones, and water. In your building, you have to add more cement for being strong for more years. Your house will be better if you use more cement for your building. Cement is a binding property that helps us to form an artificial rock with shape for structural purposes.

Cement Production:

Cement is the basic material for building your house. You can use Cement Products also like limestone, shell, and clay, etc. Most of the people use Portland cement to build their houses. The quality of the cement is checked by cement plant.  Cement is a manufactured by-product by a controlled chemical combination of calcium, silicon, aluminum, iron, and some other ingredients. Which are cement products are used and the quality of the cement is checked by cement plant.

Usage of cement:

While building your house you have to use equal half of the cement products and other products which you use for your house. There are many cement plant in many places through that you can get the good product of cement and cement products. While buying cement you have to check whether it is checked in cement plant.  Cement is a binding material and it’s used to bind the aggregate together in the concert and it’s used for making cement mortar. Cement mortar is used in your house for masonry, plastering, and pointing. And also in your house cement is used in foundation, flooring, beams, columns, slabs, masonry, and plastering.

Tips for buying cement:

There are some tips to buy and check cement for your house because in your maximum amount material which is used in our house is cement so it should be good quality and it should be a strong foundation to your house. The tips are

  • Grade
  • Color
  • Fineness
  • Company and Certificate
  • Packing and expiry date
  • Price
  • Naked eye test

While buying you have to check all these basic tests for cement. OPC 53 grade cement is the best cement to build your house and for construction.

Bottom line:

The manufacture of cement is through the dry method. There are several steps involved in the manufacturing of cement. The clinker is grounded into powder in a cement mill and it is mixed with gypsum to create cement. And then the powered cement is then mixed with water and then it is applied in your house and used for construction. Now cement is used in many constructions like plain concrete, reinforced concrete, Mortar, Plaster, Grouts, Paints, and Precast elements. Cement is used in your house twice as much concrete is used in construction as all other building materials.

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