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Importance of Conducting a Comprehensive Structural and Plumbing Inspection

When conducting a comprehensive property inspection, one of the most crucial things to consider is the cost. With the right plumbing inspector and structural inspector

Invading tree roots

It’s critical to conduct a thorough structural and plumbing inspection for damaged underground pipes if you have any doubt about whether you have invaded tree roots. Tree roots can cause ongoing physical damage to underground pipes, forcing joints to break, causing large holes, and allowing more roots to enter the pipes. When these problems go unrecognized, raw sewage can leak into the soil.

Tree roots as a cause of blockages

If you’ve had a leak or blockage in your pipe, you might be wondering if tree roots are to blame. Tree roots have complex root systems that reach up to two or three times as long as the tree’s height, and they can clog pipes and cause leaks and blockages. In addition, tree roots are tough to detect by a local plumber or repair technician, and the average homeowner does not know how to recognize these signs.

Tree roots as a cause of sewer line collapse

When a sewer line collapses, the main culprit is most likely tree roots. Tree roots are resilient and are the lifeline of many trees. They send feeder roots to look for valuable water and nutrients. The warm water in the main sewer line draws these roots, and they escape through a small crack in the PVC pipe or a loose joint in an older pipeline. 

Having the right inspector for your home’s plumbing and structural inspection is critical for the sale of a property. An inspection can uncover severe problems and prevent a home buyer from spending too much on a property. When a home inspection shows major issues, buyers can decide to walk away from the property and save themselves the expense of costly repairs. 

Are you thinking of conducting structural and plumbing inspections? 

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