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Improve Your Residential Protection With Locker And Video Door Phones

Taking care of all your expensive jewelry and cash is all on you. How you are going to protect your valuables is always your own call and you need to do your best. For that, choosing a top-notch locker for your use is the only way around. The reliable examples from the house of Godrej will always provide you with the best security means you could have asked for.

Godrej Matrix 3016 EL Home Locker

For the ultimate home locker, this model is always the best option to watch out for. Even though a bit on the expensive side, at least, you are sure that your expensive items will stay under top-notch protection.

  • This safe comes with double-walled construction that presents safe and reliable resistance against burglary, fire, and more.
  • The digital locking system along with the multi-level password will offer the ultimate protection you are aiming for.
  • Then the armored plate in the door and the body will make the locker fire and tool resistant. So, breaking into the locker seems to be pretty impossible at this stage!
  • It comes with adjustable shelves inside, and the safe also provides the user the convenience that it needs.

The value of a door phone:

Much like investing some bucks in the lockers, it is mandatory to safeguard your home as well. Opening doors to complete strangers will get your life at risk. If you don’t want that to happen, then video door phone is what you should be looking forward to. As understood from the name itself, the door phone will have an LCD screen where you will see the person pressing the bell.

  • So, you will get the chance to see who all are ringing your bell before you feel comfortable opening the door.
  • The best part is that Godrej presents some of the most cost-effective video door phones available by your side.
  • Here, you will not just get to see who all are on the other side of the road, but you can also share a conversation without even opening the door or letting the stranger come in.
  • Each video door phone from the house of Godrej comes with a free 6-month of an extended warranty if you plan to purchase them from online stores.
  • Once ordered, the items are typically shipped within a span of 3 to 5 business days.

So, whether you are looking for a locker for your home or a video door phone, Godrej houses some of the best models to watch out for.

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