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Improving Customer Specification Through Metal Fabrication

Metal fabrication is the process of shaping sheet metal and other metals into particular forms. Zahner creates, develops, produces, and installs fabricated metal structures for both indoor and outdoor use. Zahner’s metal fabrication produces metal components with a variety of finishes, all of which add unparalleled design beauty and utility to the places in which they reside.

Zahner’s work gives the notion of “functional art” a concrete interpretation. All of this happens in accordance with customer standards.

The Zahner Process, Past and Present

Zahner thinks that proper usage of handmade metals improves the planet. Zahner has been transforming metals into human-centered solutions for almost 125 years, building on earlier inventions to create new realities. Our process is twofold: 1) Listening to clients who wish to improve their places, and 2) researching collective human requirements that necessitate engineering and design solutions.

Our production facilities are located in close proximity to our engineering and project management offices, which results in a synergy of ideas and actions throughout all of our organizations’ systems. Our ability to pass on cost savings to our customers is increased as a result of this greater cost efficiency. Zahner is not interested in limiting the possibilities that are created as a result of all of this.

Stewardship Remains an Organizational Standard

Zahner’s metal fabrication method and technologies have evolved to include environmental protection for the earth and its people.

It makes it possible to recycle and reuse the metal resources that were used in the architecture of your building. There is no other drug on Earth that can accomplish this. Take into consideration the influence that buildings constructed exclusively from architectural metal fabrication might have on the environment.

The Reuse Factor Protects the Health of the Planet

Because most buildings fail and fall apart, the reuse factor safeguards the Earth’s health for decades. Unless they are classified as ancient buildings with cultural and historical importance, no attempts are undertaken to recover such structures or their components. Their materials become rubbish. Using Zahner’s metals to create a portion or the complete structure ensures that the construction materials may be recycled a thousand years from today.

Although this results in huge financial savings, it also reduces the amount of harm that is caused to the planet and the people who live on it. We can only hope that metalwork will inspire even more inventiveness in this area. Zahner has not yet completed his investigation into the method, and he is curious to see where the field of architectural metal manufacturing may go in the future.

Consult Zahner About Your Architectural Project

Using solution sets, metal design, and in-house production, Zahner makes gorgeous pieces for artists, designers, and engineers who want to collaborate on metal architecture projects. Zahner’s clients include those who wish to work together on projects. Our solutions are able to be adapted to meet your particular requirements. Please get in touch with Zahner to learn more about the architectural metal solutions that are available for your project.

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