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Spc flooring is a brand that combines the best in design and technology to bring you and your flooring needs. We are focused on delivering cutting-edge product innovations, with support and service that’s unmatched. We know that no project quite lives up to its potential until the whole team can live their vision. With SPC flooring, we see that vision through every phase of the project, from design and development to installation, with our experienced professionals working closely together with you to deliver a successful result.

SPC flooring is a new premium, 100% waterproof material that was developed by Granite Composite. It is made almost entirely of plastic and stone and has been independently tested by the University of Arizona to be as strong or stronger than concrete and as durable as vinyl.

SPC Flooring is one of the leading brands and manufacturers of laminate flooring in India. SPC has been operating since 1983, with the sole mission to provide customers with the finest quality products and services at the most competitive prices, while maintaining the highest standards in all that we do.


you need to know about softwood flooring, including the pros and cons of different types of hardwood, materials for stain and oil finishes, styles and uses for carpeted rooms in your home as well as dining rooms and kitchens. With the high demand for residential flooring, SPC has been able to establish itself as the biggest supplier of hardwood floors in the Philippines. SPC has been around since 1975 and has worked side by side with various partners over the years.

The step-by-step guide to installing SPC Flooring. It covers a wide range of topics including installation and finishing, design tips, prep work, the underside of your subfloor, what to buy, and how to care for your new floor

In this guide, you’ll learn how to specify, purchase and install the flooring to create a beautiful living space that elevates the indoor environment and creates more versatility for your home.


Care of Spc flooring is a water-based flooring solution that can be installed in domestic and commercial properties. It is designed to protect the environment, prevent the spread of germs and bacteria, and is suitable for use with other materials such as vinyl tiles and carpets. The care of SPC flooring is more than a floor covering. It is a lifestyle that involves the use and creation of products, services, and spaces that are based on sound scientific principles.

Care of Spc Flooring presents different pave and patterns that fit in with most types of homes. Care of Spc Flooring customers can choose from the wide range of options available in our online store.

Care of SPC is a 100% proprietary manufacturing flooring system, which provides unmatched performance and reliability. Our proprietary polymer resin system allows for exceptional slip, traction, and resilience without sacrificing toughness. Our climate-neutral products are designed to keep your facility looking outstanding, year after year

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