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Mistakes That Can Cause You to Have Clogged Drains

One of the most common issues that can arise in your plumbing is a clogged drain. Even simply washing your hands, you might notice water amassing in your sink in no time, making you go and reach for the trusty plunger. Not all clogs may be due to human error, but there are little things you could be doing that are causing this problem to be an occurring.

Be aware of the following mishaps so that you can avoid them in the future. However, if you continue to notice clogs even when you are the most careful, you might need to rely on outside help. For same-day plumbing services in Bayshore, NY, make sure you call in Retro Hot Water & Heating.

Overloaded Garbage Disposals

One of the greatest kitchen inventions could be the garbage disposal. Sometimes, you have extra food on your plate that might miss the trash can. The disposal is able to break down these scraps and wash them through your pipes. However, there is only so much that these systems can handle.

While they can chop down peels and eggshells, garbage disposals cannot break more complex objects like fruit pits or animal bones. This is something only some keep in mind when they toss things into their sink. Along with clogging up your drains, this can break your disposal’s blades the moment you switch them on.


You might think that because grease is so oily that it can easily move through your pipes. However, this is really not the case. As grease continues to sit, it coagulates and becomes hard. As it lays in your pipes, it will be built up with any other food or debris that comes in its path, which can also lead to a foul odor.

Whenever you have leftover grease, you should let it cool and then throw it into your trash can instead. Some people even choose to use leftover grease for further usage in baking or cooking in a frying pan.

Clumps of Hair

Whenever we brush our hair, we might expect our hairbrushes or combs to catch all of it, but sometimes it falls into the sink. Even though hair strands are not usually noticeable, enough of it can amass and wad up within our drains. The same can be said for beard or mustache hair after shaving.

To avoid having to pull out wet clumps of hair in the future, take a paper towel and wipe your sink thoroughly. Not only will you be less likely to deal with a clog, but you won’t have to gross yourself out later, either!

How to Clean Your Drains

We are all bound to make mistakes every now and then, so along with knowing the common problems. It is a good idea to take note of how to clean out your clogs:

  • Using a plunger is often the quickest way to solve the problem. By suctioning your drain, a plunger can break down buildup as you push and pull vigorously.
  • If a plunger does not help the problem, try using a tool such as a drain snake. The gadget is made up of a flexible rod with a cutting tip on one end that is inserted into the clogged pipe. It then spins within the pipe to physically dislodge clogs.
  • If all else fails, call in the services of a professional, such as Retro Hot Water & Heating.

Retro Hot Water & Heating’s team knows how frustrating clogs can be and are ready to get them out of your life for good. Even better, their plumbing services can go beyond just pesky clogs. They can help customers in Bayshore, Millville, and Babylon, NY, with gas lines, total repiping, and aid in gas conversion.

Clogs are both familiar and usually easy to fix, but there are those times when you should let an expert help you. Retro Hot Water & Heating won’t judge you for making any of the errors that cause clogs; they will give you more advice on avoiding woes later on. Call them today and get relief fast.

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