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Moving In Tips – Things To Get Rid Of Before Relocating 

Moving out and relocating to a new place can be less of a headache if you know what you should retain and what things you need to clear out. People do accumulate a lot of junk over the years and it is always better to get rid of them before relocating. 

A list of things that can be left behind before may include broken utensils, old shoes, old clothes, expired medications, expired packaged foodstuffs, and more. 

Let us round up some common items that can be given away or discarded:

  • Double Items Got As Gifts – Items that have been received as gifts such as plastic toys, craft supplies, CDs, unused makeup products, and extra dresses can be left behind to make your moving lighter. 
  • Empty Containers – Items like useless jars, bottles, plastic cups, and chipped mugs can be thrown away or given to your house helper. It can make room for more space for useful things during transportation. 
  • Old Books and Newspapers – You may be a hoarder of old books, magazines, and newspapers, but moving these items can take up a huge space. Such things will also add up the costs, so it is best to leave them behind. 
  • Heavy Non-Functional Appliances – From a damaged CD player, and unused gym equipment to a broken coffee maker, you can keep aside heavy electronic non-functional appliances. You can sort them out later to discard or sell at cheap rates. 

Other items like old pet supplies, pet toys, faded flower pots, planters pots, pans, pillows, throw blankets, heavy rarely used tools, unmatched wires, and cords can be discarded when you start listing items to pack. You can prepare a list before roping in a professional movers and packers team.

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