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Multifunctional Items Make Apartment Living Easier

When you choose to live in an apartment at Watten House or somewhere else similar you can make your life easier by choosing multifunctional items. That way you do not clutter your home unnecessarily. Here are some ideas.


  • Room divider – Living in smaller spaces means sometimes one space needs to have more than one role. With a room divider, you can have a section for eating in your living room, or a bed hidden away for a studio.   
  • Industrial hanging cocktail bar – It looks stylish, it suits any type of studio or apartment and it has shelves for storing things like glasses and bottles as well as being able to hang from the hooks tools and utensils.  
  • Pet hair broom that adjusts – You can pick up other things with this tool but in a smaller space it is important to keep it cleaned and that includes pet hair pick up. The adjustable part means you can reach different areas and more easily store it.         
  • Ladder desk – Combine together a desk for work and a bookshelf for folders or books and there you have a ladder desk, great for storage as well as study.  

In the kitchen 

  • Air fryer toaster oven – In the kitchen area you will have limited space for gadgets and appliances so having things that combine and have multiple functions makes sense. This combines having a toaster over and having an air fryer. Great for a Watten House apartment.    
  • Rolling baker’s rack – Another great thing for the kitchen is a rolling baker’s rack that is basically a storage space that you can move around and use as an usland as well.       
  • Collapsible cutting board and strainer – When you need to chop food or strain something you can use this multitool. Being collapsible makes it easier to store as it takes up less room.   
  • Instant Pot – Another brilliant kitchen appliance that does several things all in one. You can use it as a rice cooker, a pressure cooker and even a slow cooker.    

In the main living space

  • Door-hanging ironing board – When you need the option to iron something but dont have the space to store a proper board this is an option. It hangs on the back of a door so is out of the way.    
  • Under-desk organizer and charger – A place you can organize things and charge things with an under desk mounting device.   

In the sleeping space

  • USB bed lifts – When people want to lift their bed so they have storage underneath they use bed risers in Watten House and elsewhere. These have additional purpose as they have USB ports to charge things like a phone or kindle.     

In the bathroom 

  • Toilet paper holder – Rather than have toilet paper taking up space in a cupboard have a toilet paper holder that also stores back up rolls. They can look great in the bathroom and you can get free standing or wall mounted options.    
  • Shower curtain with pockets – It is a place you can store things like soap, razors, shower gels, shampoos and so on.    


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