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Navigating Common Concrete Challenges with RGM Concrete, Your Trusted Concrete Contractors in Rockwood, TN

Concrete, with its versatility and durability, has become a cornerstone in construction projects across Rockwood, TN. However, like any other material, it’s not immune to issues that can affect its integrity and appearance. At RGM Concrete, we understand the importance of maintaining robust and aesthetically pleasing concrete structures. As leading concrete contractors in Rockwood, TN, we’re here to guide you through common concrete problems and their solutions.

1. Cracking

The Issue: One of the most prevalent concrete problems is cracking. These cracks can be due to various reasons, including shrinkage during the curing process, thermal expansion and contraction, and overloading.

The Solution: At RGM Concrete, we recommend addressing cracks promptly to prevent them from widening or deepening. For small cracks, a simple concrete filler or sealer might suffice. However, for larger or structural cracks, professional assessment and repair are necessary to ensure the longevity and safety of your concrete structure.

2. Discoloration

The Issue: Discoloration can occur due to uneven curing, the use of different batches of concrete, or the presence of impurities. While it doesn’t affect the structural integrity, it can detract from the visual appeal.

The Solution: To address discoloration, we offer several options, including cleaning, staining, or resurfacing, depending on the severity and the desired outcome. Regular maintenance and sealing can also prevent future discoloration.

3. Spalling

The Issue: Spalling refers to the flaking or peeling of the concrete surface, often caused by freeze-thaw cycles, poor installation, or inadequate concrete mix.

The Solution: Early intervention is key to mitigating spalling. Depending on the extent, we may recommend patching the affected areas or, in more severe cases, resurfacing the concrete. Proper sealing and drainage can prevent water from penetrating and exacerbating the issue.

4. Settlement

The Issue: Settlement occurs when the ground beneath the concrete shifts or compacts, leading to cracking and uneven surfaces. This can be due to poor soil conditions, inadequate compaction, or erosion.

The Solution: For minor settlement issues, mudjacking or slabjacking can lift and stabilize the concrete. In cases of significant settlement, however, replacement may be necessary. Our team at RGM Concrete ensures proper ground preparation and uses quality materials to minimize future settlement.


On behalf of RGM Concrete, we are dedicated to meeting all of your concrete requirements in Rockwood, Tennessee with solutions of the highest quality. We have a team of skilled concrete contractors who are able to restore the integrity and beauty of your concrete structures, regardless of whether you are experiencing cracking, discolouration, spalling, or settlement. Make sure that the success of your endeavor is not jeopardized by anything tangible. If you get in touch with RGM Concrete right away, we can work together to provide a sturdy foundation.

Take into consideration that addressing tangible concerns in a timely manner can, in the long run, save both time and money. In Rockwood, Tennessee, you can rely on RGM Concrete, your expert concrete contractors, to provide solutions that are dependable and effective, and that are adapted to your particular requirements.

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