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Out of the box parallel modular kitchen design ideas for your home

In the heart of the home lies the most important room for the family – the kitchen! Whether you are a sole cook or a budding chef or a regularly entertainer, without an updated kitchen, you seem to be at lost in your home. With so many trending ideal to make your kitchen space look fabulous and be functional, comes the idea of the parallel modular kitchen designs. These types of kitchens are ideal for today’s compact lifestyle with less space allotted for the kitchen. The parallel walls facing each other make it perfect for you to cook conveniently whole have a prep table opposite to the cook top. It also has enough space for the important kitchen appliances like the oven, refrigerator, grinder and so on. Basically, if you are looking for a modern kitchen interior design for your home, then the parallel modular kitchen designs are made for you. For the fabulous options in this design, keep reading. 

  • A parallel modular kitchen with a pop of colour – Love colours? Then you have the chance of decorating your favourite space in your home with a dash of colours. Get some unique kitchen decor ideas and mix multiple bright colours like yellow, red, orange, peach, blue and then play with them while you decorate your parallel modular kitchen designs. You can blend these colours with a dash of white and get a marvellous looking parallel kitchen in your house. 
  • The single shaded look – The monochromatic look in kitchens look alluring. And when it’s a parallel modular kitchen design, the single shaded looks even neater and sparkling. We suggest – you pick neutral shades like pastels, white, yellow, red and so on to decorate your parallel modular kitchen design. Yes, you can add a shaded line here and there, but overall, keep the single shade the leader of this decor for a pleasant looking kitchen.
  • The multiple cook parallel modular kitchen – Especially dedicated for large families where multiple cooks exist, the parallel modular kitchen comes with more than one cook tops. Yes, the counter top might be only one, but it’s spacious enough to suffice two or three cooks working over it simultaneously. In such kitchens, even the preparation area is a bit wide and has various facilities to make space for more than one cooks. 
  • The Victorian designed parallel modular kitchen – The perfect blend of modernism and primitive lifestyle, the Victorian designed parallel modular kitchen is also a must consider if you love a contemporary blend of lifestyles. The Victorian decor with some ancient themed carvings over the cabinets, the plush white colour, wooden and some see through glass cabinets and large sinks make it perfectly an English themed kitchen. But with the modular parallel design in this type of decor, you get all the convenience and efficiency of a modern kitchen that you require in today’s lifestyle. For colours, since it’s a blend of modernism and retro lifestyle, you can go for shades like cream, sky blue, light pink or pastels. 

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