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Pests to Expect Throughout the Year

No matter how clean you try to keep your home and lawn, you are bound to see some sort of critter or insect that drives you up a wall. It might make you feel as though you are doing something wrong, but that is not necessarily the case. There are certain elements and weather conditions that attract pests, and the ones you are forced to face change each season.

While you might not have infestations from each of the pests that are listed in this article, it is vital that you are aware of them in case a problem ever does occur. If you noticed an issue last year that you hope to avoid this year, make sure to call Natura Pest Control right away so that you that can get a head start on your residential pest control.


This tends to be the most common season for pests to become a nuisance. This is because the weather has warmed up, and they are ready to come back outside. During this period, many of them are laying their eggs or hatching.


Although they can be annoying at any time of year, ants become the most active in spring. Typically more of a nocturnal insect, you are likely to see them roaming around at night. However, they also move to any area where they can find food or where there is moisture. This means you should be expecting them after rainfall or if you leave some crumbs around.


These bugs are more damaging to your outdoor property as opposed to the inside. Attracted to plants, you can find them all throughout your trees, bushes, and gardens. While they might not look harmful at first glance, aphids feed off of the nutrients in plants, leading your lush landscape to die off. If there are enough of them, they can also begin to produce honeydew, which is a sticky white goo that ants are attracted to, leading to more infestations on your property.


When thinking of sitting out on the deck or porch during the hot summer months, you probably also remember the number of bugs you have to swat away and the numerous citronella candles you light. Of course, this time of the year is a mosquito’s favorite time to emerge. This is due to the fact that warmer weather allows them to produce faster and a bigger abundance of eggs.


While mosquitoes may be an annoyance, they are less likely to infiltrate your home the way bees or wasps do. Whether it be in your basement, a shed, or even your grill, you may find a nest starting to form. While they begin to build these in the spring, they come into full swing during the summer because they have hatched from their eggs.

While some bees are harmless and are more focused on performing their pollination duties, some, like yellow jackets, can prove to be aggressive and sting without a moment’s notice. This is not only painful but could be fatal for someone who is allergic to the insect.


Your beloved pets also have their own group of nuisances in the form of fleas. Usually laying their eggs in shrubs, fleas love movement and carbon dioxide, which are two things that animals can guarantee them. As your furry friends are more likely to snoop around your yard during this season, fleas will attach to them immediately. Even your indoor pets are not safe, as you could bring them inside, too. Their biting will lead to a lot of itchiness and can be uncomfortable for you or your pet to bear.

Autumn and Winter

Because the weather is beginning to cool off during this period, certain insects find their way inside homes through gaps in the foundation or cracks that might be at the bottom of your doorframe. While the colder seasons are not as “buggy,” there are still a few common nuisances you are likely to encounter.


One of the ones that are bound to terrify people the most are spiders. Seeing them outside can be jarring enough, but the moment one is crawling up your wall, you might find yourself having a mini heart attack. While they may scare you, they are usually harmless and can often eat up other bugs that are finding their way into your home.

If there are only one or two spiders in your home, you really have nothing to worry about. However, if they begin to lay eggs and multiply, then it is essential that you call in a pest control company like Natura Pest Control.


These critters are not a fan of the cold weather and do whatever they can to find warmth. Unlike bugs, they do not need a small gap to be already open to come inside. Instead, they can easily gnaw their way through wood or plastic that your home might be built with. Once inside, they will continue to chew different parts of your property, leaving plenty of damage and even danger- especially if they bite any electrical wiring.

Aside from the bite marks, you will also be able to tell if you have an infestation once you begin to notice any squeaking or see droppings. They are most susceptible in damp areas like your basement or attic. Keep an eye on your pets as well. Mice can bring fleas inside with them, so your furry friend might be struggling outside of the typical flea season.

Year-Round Pest Control

Even though you might only begin to worry about an infestation the moment one begins to occur, it is important that you do your part to alleviate the problem early on. By having protection during all seasons, you can stay worry-free while enjoying any type of indoor or outdoor activity you choose to partake in.

Natura Pest Control wants to help provide that head start for you using pet-safe and environmentally friendly tactics. No two homes are alike, so they perform an initial inspection to come up with a customized plan. From there, you can expect them to keep your property safe on a seasonal basis.

  • During the spring, they will clear out debris in different areas that they consider “entry points” for pests that may have been created during the winter.
  • Once summer hits, they can move on to the outdoors, seeking out nests and leaving bait that will kill all of the insects that seem to be biting at you.
  • Natura Pest Control will establish barriers during the fall and winter months that will keep pests from entering while also checking your lower levels for weak spots that could lead mice to come in.

They carry three different levels of pest control that are bound to help you. Whether you just want to start with a 30-foot barrier or move on to protecting your garden, Natura Pest Control can guarantee fewer pests. While some companies might use harsh chemicals, they use organic synthetics when killing infestations that won’t cause you or your pets any harm.

Even if pests have their own season for arising, there is still one or two bound to cause you stress any time of year. Alleviate some of your woes by getting Natura Pest Control to perform an inspection. They will not only be able to identify where your problems lie but also keep others from ever becoming a possibility. To learn more about their services and to see a full list of the pests they can protect you from, visit their website today.

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