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Porcelain for Floor: Why Is It a Worthy Choice?

Porcelain has become quite popular in recent years due to its various benefits. While it never ceases to amaze with its functionality, it also provides aesthetic enhancements to a setting. The denser tiles are loaded with better water and stain resistant qualities than many other options available for flooring. While you will have different options to choose from, porcelain will keep you warm during the cold mornings. It is getting increasingly popular as a choice for both the floor and walls. Ceramic tile is made from denser and finer clay and treated with higher temperatures to give it better strength and toughness. It can easily tolerate heavy footfall without fail. Both through-bodied and glazed porcelain offer superb quality wall and floor covering.


When it comes to durability, there is possibly nothing that can beat porcelain. Due to its treatment with extreme high temperatures, it becomes extremely rigid. The temperature also gives it a stain resistance quality. As the porcelain tiles (กระเบื้องพอร์ซเลน, this is the tem in Thai) are water resistance, these can be installed in the parts that face the harshest conditions. These tiles will stay strong for years even after enduring such conditions.

These can be used in any outdoor area in any climate. Porcelain will remain unfazed no matter whatever comes to it. Unglazed porcelain s its color from its clay component. They have an earthy tone which is perfect for styling outdoor spaces. The glazed ones can be given all possible color and its finish provide a stone like appeal at a much lesser price.



When installed and maintained properly, porcelain can last a lifetime. Definitely, not all porcelain has this quality. Low quality tiles will not last as long as the good quality ones will do. Choosing low quality products won’t give you a lasting effect. It will soon get wear and tear while its color will fade in the high traffic areas. Even the low-quality tiles will last up to 20 years with ease. This is not actually bad for the price one spends for it. It only requires proper maintenance and care to last decades.

It won’t be tough matter to clean it


While proper maintenance sounds like a huge task, it is actually not. Porcelain will look good if its is cleaned just once per week. Wiping the floor and then vacuuming it will be enough to keep it shiny and clean. Make sure to use recommended cleaners once a month and follow the proper procedure. It is not much of a tough job to perform when you do not have to spend some time on a daily basis.

Stain resistance

This happens to be one of the main concerns whenever it comes to flooring. Spill, dust, dirt, food stains and many other stains are waiting to ruin your newly laid tiles. But there is nothing to worry as long as you have porcelain on the floor. As it impenetrable, it can resist almost any stains and won’t be giving you any kind of tough time in the long run.

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