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Proven Reasons for Buying Distressed Kitchen Cabinets

Distressed-style cabinets are on a winning streak again. After leading all classic-style cabinet varieties in terms of popularity last year, they are back to cementing their status as frontrunners in the kitchen interior design industry. 

According to some of the latest statistics in the industry, last year, distressed kitchen cabinets cruised to unimaginable popularity, warding off major challengers, including farmhouse-style and shaker kitchen cabinets. 

Now that they are some of the most publicly searched kitchen cabinets, the majority of homeowners are in search of reasons to buy them. If you want to be inspired to buy distressed cabinets, continue reading.

About Distressed Kitchen Cabinets

The present world of kitchen interior design is overwhelmed and overflowing, thanks to the recent release of emblematic varieties of distressed cabinetries. With more modern homeowners shifting to classic-fashioned aesthetic styles and classic-style décor accessories trending like never before, the number of distressed kitchen cabinets in the market has climbed to unexpected levels. 

Here are the distressed cabinet varieties currently trending;

  • Distressed-Style RTA Kitchen Cabinets

Distressed ready-to-install cabinets are some of the latest varieties of modern-fashion kitchen cabinets with defined by a distressed appeal. Last year, a rise in their demand prompted them to sell exorbitantly even though they were promoted as the cheapest cabinetry designs. This year, they are expected to trend more than last year unless their prices refuse to downgrade. 

The beauty of RTA cabinets with distressed appeal is that they are more maintainable than most of their counterparts. Besides, they boast unmatched harmony with both traditional and modern visual beautification elements and so, can be fitted in any type of space. 

  • Distressed Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

 Arguably, the pioneers of classic fashion as far as cabinetry designs are concerned, are shaker-style kitchen cabinets. Models with distressed appeal are widely regarded as the most vintage-looking cabinetries. While they mostly feature open layout construction formats, you can find closed layout varieties, all of which are appealing in terms of functionality and visual aesthetics. 

Shaker-style distressed kitchen cabinets are ideally the only cabinetry designs that come backed with much intriguing history for tons of aesthetic styling options they come with originate from as far as the 18th and 19th centuries. 

Why Should I Buy Distressed Kitchen Cabinets?

Unless you don’t want to enjoy the following, don’t waste your time and money buying distressed cabinets. 

  • Enhanced Practical Interior Space

Do you know that classic-fashioned cabinets are built more for function than beauty? Distressed kitchen cabinets, for example, emphasize practicality from layouts to finishes and styling features. Moreover, they can effortlessly rhyme with any aesthetic styling options and so, can work well for you regardless of what you have in mind while using them to style your space.

  • Value for Money

 Besides enhancing the practical aspects of a space, distressed cabinets can give you better value for your hard-earned money than many cupboard designs. They are not only cheap in terms of purchase but also styling and maintenance. With mostly natural wood material features, most distressed cabinets prove effective in terms of lasting long without needing unnecessary repairs. 

  • Unlimited Access to Multiple Cabinetry Design Options

By opting to buy distressed kitchen cabinets, you are not, more, nor less, ushering yourself into a world of multiple possibilities. As some cabinetry designs boast more than one cabinetry design option, distressed-style cupboards can let you explore multiple design options if you decide to use them to complete an interior space remodeling project. 

  • Convenience

You are bound to enjoy an interior beautification process if you have employed distressed cabinets as some of the major décor items. Distressed-style cupboard designs are unquestionably convenient to work with. Apart from the known assumption that they are cheaply acquirable, the iconic drawer designs are simpler and more inexpensive to style than many well-known classic and modern cabinet constructions. 

Tips for Buying Distressed Kitchen Cabinets

You must do the following to get a chance to buy distressed kitchen cabinets conveniently; 

#1: Seek Expert Advice 

Truthfully, talking to a section of interior design experts and cabinet construction technicians can help you avoid factors that can easily throw you off the balance in your bid to get access to kitchen cabinets. They may help you learn more about the prices of various distressed-style cabinets to buy in such a way that you end up easily choosing the exact types of cabinets to buy. 

#2: Conduct Market Research

If you wish to compare the prices of various distressed-style cabinets before making a purchase, you must never forget about conducting market research in a bid to access distressed kitchen cabinets to buy. In the process of conducting market research, you can easily gather lots of facts regarding various types of cabinets that you consider buying. 

#4: Maintain Flexibility

When looking for distressed cabinets to buy, you must never be emotionally attached to specific cupboard designs. This is because you may end up feeling disappointed, especially if you miss to find them. Thanks to the fact that distressed cabinets exist in terms of several varieties, you must be flexible in such a way that you can adjust your preferences when looking for kitchen cabinets to buy among their many different varieties. 

Will Distressed Kitchen Cabinets Soon Go Out of Fashion?

Arguably, there’s no sure proof that distressed-style kitchen cabinets will soon be out of fashion. The more the modern interior design industry accommodates and promotes classic trends, the more several varieties of distressed kitchen cabinets will increase in numbers as time goes by. 

Another reason pointing to the fact that distressed kitchen cabinet designs are set to trend for a long time to come is based on the fact that the popularity of wood-based cabinets is not on a stark high-rise. The more wood cabinets will trend, the more distressed-style cupboards will trend because the majority of them are made up of wood. 

Final Thoughts

As distressed cabinet designs continue to cement their status in the kitchen interior design industry, you must consider going for them. Apart from visual aesthetics, distressed kitchen cabinets prove worthiness in terms of boasting the potential to enhance the practical aspects of any type of interior.  

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