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Reasons to Hire a Professional to Install Your Water Heater

With the onslaught of helpful online tutorials, people now assume they can improvise and install any appliance. However, if you lack prior experience, you should never attempt to install a water heater. While the DIY expert directing the video appears confident in your installation skills, many things can go wrong if you lack the proper tools and knowledge. Consider the advantages of employing a professional company to install your water heater.

Experience Is Essential

Water heater manufacturers suggest hiring a professional to install your new water heater. If you want the job done correctly, hiring an expert who has installed numerous water heaters makes sense. Professionals in the field of water heater installation have encountered virtually every type and brand of water heater, so you can rest assured that your new unit will be installed promptly and correctly. Self-installation of the water heater is not only time-intensive and dangerous but also discouraged.

Safety Is Vital

If you don’t have the expertise, never try to install a gas water heater on your own. Installation of a gas water heater must be performed with care to ensure that all connections are sealed and that the proper ventilation systems are in place. Due to the constant gas flow in a gas water heater, natural gas could leak into your home if the connection is not properly sealed. In addition, if the area is not adequately vented, gas might accumulate, turning your home into a possible disaster zone. A single little spark can initiate a chain reaction that results in extensive catastrophe. Gas water heaters pose numerous dangers and should only be installed by qualified professionals who are aware of these risks.

Warranties May Be Voided

Installing a water heater is not as quick and easy as it may appear. The installation process requires knowledge of local building codes, varying from one municipality to another. In addition, the new water heater must be properly connected to the home’s plumbing and electrical systems. If these connections are not properly made, the manufacturer’s warranty on the new unit may be voided. Hiring a plumbing professional familiar with all aspects of water heater installation guarantees that your new water heating unit will be properly installed and that the warranty will remain in effect.

Liability Issues

There may be placement restrictions for water heaters in your area for legal and safety concerns. Incorrectly placed water heaters represent a threat to your house or business and could find you in legal trouble if something goes wrong.

However, even if you are in the legal clear to install your own water heater, it is recommended to have a certified professional manage the installation. In addition to knowing how to perform it securely and effectively, professionals can also help you select the ideal size and kind of water heater. Contact Pipe Monsters Plumbing for a water heater installation in Grand Rapids, MI – you can be confident that we will install your water heater correctly and in accordance with all local regulations.

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